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iNDv5TriAlI515 / Morbo Corporation

Only Our Reallity Is Virtual......

Campaign for the Un-Mithificatión of Music, the Sistem and their Stupid Way of living.

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Our Underground Manifesto :

Music is Un-Corporeal. ( Arterial / Conduct ). As blood running in their conducts, Sinthetic Decibels runs trought our sences digitally prossessed.

The Sinthetic Decibels are our tool and the misery our inspiration.

Everyone of the protagonists has something to Ask, to Complain, to Aport, to Scream.

We're another face, ( Those who's not against us, is with us ). The Noise of the nervous sistem working, The machines are working.

The machine is working, Screaming and throwing the soul from the mouth.

That's the only thing that matters.

Venceremos. 7 ENE. 2000 G.G. Giovanny, Ian Barrett, N. Olaär, J. Olaya

Design : Jorge E Olaya
Copyright Int. 1999. "iNDv5TriAlI515" / "Morbo Corp." 1999.


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