state your name


url? If any?

site name?

Date of Birth?

how are you?

oh really?

okay, now for some deep stuff

nail polish, or no?


HmMmM. Polish it is!

do you know where i put my car keys?

*sigh* i can NEVER find them


i like icecream ^_^

bats are adorable, don't you think?

fav type(s) of music?

fav band(s)?

Oo. thats kick ass

i'm a metal/goth/industrial grrl myself..

happen to have a significant other?

if so, tell me about the lucky girl/guy

that sounds nice.....

*yawn* I'm bored

should i cut my hair?

Anybody you hate?

What did they do to piss you off?

That's messed up. can i kill them?

So, tell me somthing interesting


are you allergic to sunlight?

i am...

hahha. not really

OMGoshness! LOOK!!

Did you see that?

oh, i must be seeing things

are you bored yet?

Okay. I'm done. Don't forget to kiss me goodbye!0_o