You ventured forth
Into my unstable life
Calling me your friend
I cherished your time
Adored your attention
But the fragile bleeding
Of my tortured soul
Quietly consumed my heart
You wanted my care
Craved my love
Yearned deeply for me
But I denied you everything
Giving you nothing of what you asked
Shattering your glass world
And encasing mine in wicked solitude
Please forgive me

Dead roses occupy my vase
Sitting alone upon the shelf
Timid and frail they have become
Weeping in silence beneath their wilted frame
I hear their tears
Feel their pain
Understand their cries
Yet, I am unable to change it all
Sympathy has no sorrow for me
Empathy gives no understanding
Apathetic and consumed
By a maddening sense
Of what is no longer viable
Excuses born from void actions

All the children have been left behind.
Pretense of what used to be,
Our greatest ruse.
Buried beneath disease drenched graves.

Flaming lips, within an opium induced mind. Floating among the thoughts to minute to find. Rosebud ideals buried beneath the carpeted desires of your own perversion of me. Pulling, urging, dragging, the need to be free. Lost and torn within your cravings you are. Searching. Only to discover the distance you are. Distanced from me. Lusting for powdered donuts.

[Don't ask what this one is about. I'm not even sure!]

Within my heart
Dwells a sacred sprite
A piece of me, never to part
Protects me from wrath, and vengeful spite
Take my hand
Embrace my mind
Lead me quietly to your land
A magickal journey
Unlike any kind
A faerie folk, after myself
Watch the fire dwindle
As the candle melts

.. Copyright Avarice . 2001..