Celestial creatures, birthed from the outpouring of my soul.
poems, stories, self- truths and realizations.
These are my children, and they ARE copyrighted. So, in case you weren't aware. kidnapping is a federal offense.

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Doth your inhibitions
Bow within another shadow
Where tragedies taste thy emotion
And smile their disavowed fables
Mirror visions never picture desire
Uncertain are my drama dreams
On Godley suicides
Romance finds my wavering self
Mercy feels no tears
For silence shall be unknown
The screams of harsh sadness
Will end their hopes of desire
Candles burned from tinsel eyelids
Alone and removed
The savior found you pure
Of your deadly desire

Fireflies flicker and dance beneath the pallid rays of the moon.
Transluscent and serene,
The evening's waltz continues throughout the thickening mist
Proving that beauty does come and dwell from within,
Outlasting all that may scar or disrupt the outer core.

Within your arms

I feel so vile, so used

Within your soul

I feel so betrayed

I've lost the consequences for self reconstruction
Decadence of the mind
Failure of the heart
Bliss soaked tears run down my face
Who was I to question this?

All I have is what you could not take from me
Deserted and destroyed
You have murdered my world

Do your desires drip within the rays of the pallid moonlight?
Where the fae twinkle and twirl
Within the slumberless dreams of desire
I sought your wisdom and love
Recieving more than I had fathomed
I had loved you once
You dreamed before me
We are together eternal.

Opiates of shame, have been cast upon me.
My tears, shedded in vain

So many dreary dreams
Taken form
Lost, carried forth
Buried beneath the sheets of unknown

Chimes of a child's musicbox within my heart
So much.
I want to touch it all
To listen and love
Nothing left to do
Nothing more to explain

Every stellar want
Portrays a tangled story
Written and told
Burnt and reconstructed
A parted way, Hello and goodbye
Hollow dreams, unfelt loves

.. Copyright Avarice . 1999-2001 ..