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Misused Material Man
by: Slimtheklown

Seeing that it seems like I am being misused
I am being physically abused
Mistreated with a razorblade
Another bloodbath that I made.

Seeing that it seems like I am being misused
I am being mentally abused
Scarred inner-mind within a torture rack
Another friend with a stab in the back

Seeing that it seems like I am being misused
I am being spiritually abused
Psychotic Heritige through the way of my soul
You make me feel like I'm falling in an unendable hole

Seeing that it seems like You are the one who is misusing me
I struggle to get these chains off and get free
I'm still your Misused Material Man
It's all a bad dream that I don't understand....

Paint me a dream so I don't have to live anymore,
Create it of tears, blood and simplicity.
Make me a world of clouds and vains,
Desperate cravings of the brain.
Construct me a death, beautiful in it's demise.
Like a ballerina show, all smiles no thighs.
Until the clock is broken, I'll play your little game.
Live within the seconds, crystal etchings of pain.
Distorted state of mind, desperatley I yearn the wrong things.
An obsession with the razorblade.
Something I could never ever be.
Illuminate something wonderful inside of me.
Spark the passions of pain with your touch.

... Never knew I would hate you so much ...

Destory what I breathe, every smoke clouded haze.
Come and show me the sin I commited today.
Poor drowning dolly, so strung out. A wreck.
Committed to a self-destructive life, idiosyncratic.
Retain my obsessions with the breath of your scorn.
You love to hate me. Adore what you've burned.
Pick me a rose, dripping with blood.

... Never realized you were me ...

I left you that night, you were just a little girl
Never ment to be so cruel, comprehension blurred
Didn't mean to dig that knife so far into your throat.
It was only ment to be a little hug --
I guess my hands found solace, tightening around
Your pretty little neck.
Wear it like a necklace, a Ko'lar of lethality

Sweet like the flower; Sour like the drug
Cast me back into the fire so I may burn in peace.
Miss me not, for in remembering me I remain alive.
Mourn me not for you're wasting your time
I prayed the Lord my soul to take --
So even in death I can cheat the divine.
provided by: Lexie

Darkened Light
-by Matthew Demand
I am Darkness, I am Light. I am the cry of the night. The wolves look and see my spark to bring me alive. For oh woe is the loneliness of me as I sit and never see. None to hold, none to show. Trails of light blaze across ever so blue. Ever so blue my lover true. Oh how I wish to hold you. But you have turned your back to me and never your heart I see. One who burns of passion lights your sky. As I am you little thought in the night. What of you and all you have and gave. Throwing me into a desolate waste. Why? No answer to give. Bequeath me with one. I know I have passion to give. Oh lover true. Let me darken his light and I be one with you. To eclipse his face and bring me to you. Let me gaze into your love and know it's truth. Upholding and just. No purer love I give to you. My lover, Earth, and I her Moon.


When is it over, when do we shut the door, keep the key locked in our hearts, tossed next to the innocent memories that curse with reluctance of revision, how many layers do we shed everyday, making ourselves new and whole before our old soul gets to show us its dance, when is love never going to be a windstorm..........blowing us and setting us down in unrepititious patterns, how many nails does it take to hold up our picture on the wall we painted with our mistake, the notes will eventually fall into that same song we keep in the magic box, hidden under our pillow that absorbs our thoughtless ramblings...... which is dream and which is reality, how do we know what the other side looks like, all we do is peak through the hole in the door, when the key hides in the hand of our own heart, do we breathe or sigh hope, do we comprehend and end or live the beginning over and again until our mind stops wandering, thinking......praying for its end to cut into pieces and place in every pocket, time cannot be kept, it is irrelevant when we figure out how not to keep it, it is a candy trick folded under blankets of conformity and covers our body whole until we decide to awake, rise, and turn the knob.

In the MIND of a MAD MAN

Through the clouded veils of light, is seen my inner self and the conflict which insues, the battle has lasted several years, each side vying for the kingdom of my soul, both sides have held it, but not for long, the first holder came about because of the environment about me, after that the powers that be came to the surface in my greatest time of dread, desire and need, the change though short lived, set the tone for the battles that were to come, since then mind has been strained by the opposing choices at hand, oppose society and be happy, or conform and bathe in sadness, depression, and melancholia, an easy choice some would say, but they have not known the struggles and fears and desires that I have, artificial by necessity was the way I had become, yet now I feel a great force calling to me, leading me down the its path, to the land that I feel would be the best, but from the other side I feel the pressure to conform and be their robot, the choice is made to follow my heart and my desires. All Hail, the changing of the guard is at hand...... Woe befalls those that would oppose it, and Blessed Be those that follow without complaint. Of which path shall you choose? Will it be the conformity of the others or the acceptance of this one group? All of this to think, through the eyes of a mad man......
-=-The Mad Man-=-

Angel Eyes
When I look into your eyes I see Angels dancing gracefuly on the clouds.
I see into your soul which is pure and innocent.
I want to ask you out, but when I try I get tounge tied for the innocence I see inside