----> beautiful death

[x] NAME -> Avarice
[x] AGE -> 19
[x] BIRTHDATE: 10-21-1982
[x] SUN SIGN: Libra/Scorpio
[x] RESIDENCE: Ft. Worth, Texas
[x] STATUS -> Single & not looking
[x] MUSIC -> Metal/Black Metal/Doom Metal/Goth/Industrial
[x] LIVEJOURNAL -> I am Nothing
[x] TURN ONS -
laughter, open minds, bois with piercings and or tattoos, opinionated people, artists, musicians, metal, electrical tape, black nail polish, intellectuals, people with their own personalities, independence, free hugs and kisses, sarcasm, humor, creativity
fake personalities, liars, weak or no opinions, closed minds, stupid people, eavesdroppers, chronic unexpected guests
Witches. Bats. Gargoyles. Music. Acting. Writing Poetry / Short stories. Thunderstorms. Tarot cards. Vampires. AD&D. Full moons. Electrical tape. Black nail polish. Cats. Paganism. Witchcraft. Roleplaying. Edgar A. Poe. Invader Zim. Anne Rice. Goth/Industrial/Darkwave Muzik. Bittersweet chocolate bars and wine. peanutbutter waffles. Billy Corgan. Phil Anselmo. colored hair. piercings. tattoos. pain. black widows. being alone. sadness. rainy days. razorblades. blackcherry blow-pops. my cats. silver rings. stars. full moons. lunar eclipses. halloween. pumpkins. faeries. dreams. astral projecting. demons. haunted houses. ghosts. seances. quijia boards. horror movies. stephen king. proving people wrong.
[x] HATES -
Conformists. whiney girls. large groups. wasting my time with blubbering idiots. pretending to be nice, just to stay out of trouble. egos. overachievers. rascists. homphobes. backstabbers. two-faced people. raunchy jokes. being hit on. mtv. being pestered. being told I can't do something. having my flaws pointed out. people who think I should be someone else other than who I already am. You're all dumbasses. opinionless morons. hip-hop. guns. preachers of religon. feeble-minded people. people who fish for compliments. vanity. lying. people who say things they don't mean.
Family: Mom*Steven*Tyra*Jodi*Auntie C*Nanny

Friends: Frank*Greg*Matt*Ryan*Jenipher

pantera . down . smashing pumpkins . my dying bride . carpathian forest . my ruin . apoptygma berzerk . tom waits . queen adreena . kidneythieves . collide . switchblade symphony . necrophagia . kmfdm . lollipop lust kill . front 242 . the shizit . the genitorturers . after forever . bile . diva destruction . doll factory . mortiis . pissing razors . slayer . poe . scary valentine . razed in black . snot . staind . suicide commando . this mortal coil . vnv nation . zwan . jack off jill . scarling . die symphony . synical . the legendary pink dots . skinny puppy . bauhaus . lords of acid . rasputina . :wumpscut: . london after midnight . sex gang children . orifice . sorrow . diary of dreams . emperor . dark throne . marduk . pig . manhole . tura satana . frank sinatra . amber asylum . dying fetus . electric hellfire club . tapping the vein . skullsick nation . the fields of the nephillum . the haunted . joy division . imperius rex . bile . khold . toni iommi . black label society . black sabbath . slayer . tool . twilight symphony . symphony x . daisy chainsaw . misfits . samhain . danzig . bauhaus . delerium . rosetta stone . nosferatu . the new creatures . die laughing . ikon . strap on halo . siouxie and the banshees . ataraxia . razed in black . dark corridor . godbox . godflesh . voltaire . glampire . virgin black . vein . messy . butterfly messiah . 6am eternal . museum . abney park . temple of rain . celtic frost . tristainia . in flames . meshuggah . funker vogt . cruxshadows . faith & the muse . lords of acid . acid bath . clan of xymox . xorcist . covenant . aural blasphemy . blutengel . tear garden .

there was a time, that smiles were always gracing my lips-
but you appeared, and raped me of my innocent bliss-
your halo is rusting, and when it breaks and falls-
I will be there to kick you when you can't defend yourself from me
Made me fight for you. Made me die for you
You and your sick God. You hope to be loved
We're all swept away, so you can have your day
On blooded knees for you. Heaven calls to you