This is just some basic information. Maybe some day, when I'm in the mood I'll do a full blown bio *shrug*

NAME: Avarice
HAIR: Blonde dyed black
EYES: Blue
BIRTHDATE: 10-21-1982
SUN SIGN: Libra/Scorpio
RESIDENCE: Ft. Worth, Texas

TURN ONS: Laughter, open minds, bois with piercings and or tattoos, long hair, short hair, bald heads, opinionated people, artists, musicians, good music, electrical tape, black nail polish, bois who wear glitter, punks, goths, intellectuals, people with their own personalities, independence, free hugs and kisses, sarcasm, humor, creativity

TURN OFFS: fake personalities, weak or no opinions, closed minds, stupid people, eavesdroppers, chronic unexpected guests, people who wear all black, say korn or papa roach is their favorite band, and then claim to be "goth"

OBSESSIONS: Witches. Bats. Gargoyles. Music. Acting. Writing Poetry / Short stories. Thunderstorms. Tarot cards. Vampires. AD&D. Full moons. Electrical tape. Black nail polish. Glitter. Cats. Paganism. Witchcraft. Roleplaying. Edgar A. Poe. Invader Zim. Anne Rice. Anime. Sailor Moon. Outlaw Star. DragonBallZ. Cowboy Bebop. Gundam Wing. Princess Mononoke. Goth/Industrial/Darkwave Muzik. Bittersweet chocolate bars and wine. peanutbutter waffles. Billy Corgan. colored hair. piercings. tattoos. pain. black widows. being alone. sadness. rainy days. blood. vampire fangs. razorblades. blackcherry blow-pops. my cats. spiked collars & bracelets. silver rings. hot topic. stars. full moons. Lunar eclipses. halloween. pumpkins. angels. faeries. dreams. astral projecting. Being a spiritual person. demons. haunted houses. ghosts. seances. quijia boards. horror movies. stephen king. simpsons. proving people wrong. religion

HATES: Teeny-bop. Posers. Conformists. Little children. whiney girls. school. Mainstream Music. saying ya'll. loud people in cars. being told I look 14 or 15. large groups. bleached hair. cigarettes. drugs. too much alcohol. wasting my time with blubbering idiots. pretending to be nice, just to stay out of trouble. egos. dirty mouths. football players. jocks. overachievers. optimists. rascists. homphobes. backstabbers. two-faced people. raunchy jokes. being hit on. mtv. being pestered. being told I can't do something. having my flaws pointed out. people who think I should be someone else other than who I already am. You're all dumbasses. opinionless morons. hip-hop. guns. violence. preachers of religon. feeble-minded people. people who fish for compliments. vanity. macho guys. wimpy guys. video game junkies. lying. people who say things they don't mean.

DESIRES: Actress, Artist, Writer, Morticion, Spiritual teacher, High Priestess, and Circle/Coven leader

SPIRITUAL LIFE: Eclectic Dark Pagan

* Mom - Stevie - Frankie - Tyra- Greg - Ryan - Matt - Auntie C - Nanny - Jackson *