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What if Angel didn't loose his Soul when he and Buffy made love on her 17th birthday?

This is a rewrite of Season 2 starting with Innonce and going on until the end of the serries and maybe even beyond! Each season will have it's own book with chapters.The first Book is Season two Innonce through Becoming 2. Please send feed back and let me know where you read the story. (I post it on several Message Boards and email lists as well as This is the only site with all the pictures that I find and make for the story though.

There will be a few chapters that will have a NC-17 version as well as a Teen version. The Teen version will be missing only the adult stuff. Nothing for the plot.

The first NC-17 chapter is posted It's Chapter 2!!! Rememebr only read if you are old enough to graphic sex and if you are not offened by such things. If you are leagal age in your area (Preferably 21 for me, but I'm not your parent!! LOL) then read the Teen version for all chapters!!

NC-17 Chapter 5 is at the betas right now. That's right folks. There will be two Chapter 5s. One Chpater 5 will be NC-17 and the other Chapter 5 will be exactly the same without the sex and rated Teen. :-D

This is my first Wheadonverse fanfiction that I have written. So it's the only thing I have for this site. If you have any ideas on how to better the site, please email me and let me know!

If you know of a great name for one of the chapters, please email and let me know. ladymackenzie at bellsouth dot net. I'm horrible at naming chapters. I can barely come up with a name for the series. The books need names too. LOL I know right now it will be something like this: Book 1: A Season 2 Re-write.

If you are able and are willing to take a pic that I have on my harddrive and convert it into a .ico file 16 pixils by 16 pixils for an icon for this website, please email and let me know! I don't have the program or the room on my computer for the program to do so.


August 4, 2007

If you wish to beta my story With Arms Wide Open and you are of legal age to read NC-17, please email me at My betas are just being too slow. They have had Chapter 6 since I posted Chapter 5 and I have not heard a word from them. (Well I have one and I will be keeping this beta.) And then to top it off when I sent out an email last night, one of them had a auto-responce saying that she was on vacation until the 14th of this month. No word to me that she was gpoing out of town. Granted she doesn't need my permission, but when I have been waiting on her to beta a chapter for me for 3 months it would be nice for her to email me and let me know that she is going on vacation and won't have computer access for a couple of weeks. I feel that I have been very understanding and patient with my betas. I have 216 pages, 86,138 wordds typed up and more in a notebook to type up. I have all of Book One, Most of Book 2 and Half of Book 3 typed up. The only reason only 5 chapters are posted is because my betas have only sent those chapters back to me.

What I need in a beta, some one who is good in English gammar, someone who can point out typos (Where periods should be commas, simple spelling mistakes that spell check won't catch: ex. to instead of two or too; or passed instead past etc.). Someone who can help me make sure that the characters are in character given the new universe that I have established. Someone who can help me come up with ideas for the story that I am having trouble with (Re-write of Season 3 mainly). And some one who can get a chapter back to me so that I can post either every week or every two weeks.

Thanks for your help.



I recieved three new betas and Chapter 6 should be up sometime this week. However, I just recieved word from Tani, who had been writing the NC-17 scenes for me. She has had a family emergancy and does not have the time to write the NC-17 scenes for me. Is there anyone out there would be willing to do this for me? I cannot write smut, no matter how hard I try.



9-7-07 9:42 pm

Hello all,

I'm in an embarassing situation. I have three new betas. And I hav elost my address book. Could the three new betas please email me. so that I can get your email addresses again.



P.S. Chapter 6 should be up sometime before next Friday. Probably Tomorrow afternoon, but no promises on that. We have a cub scout event to go to tomorrow and then church on Sun, Tues, and Wed. So it might as late as Mon before I get the chapter posted.

April 15, 2008

Chapters 6, 7, and 8 are posted. Please send feedback!! :-) Chpater 9 is at the betas and there will be a surprise on the NC-17 page of Chapter 9 for those reading that rating. (This is because there hasn't been a NC-17 scene since Chapter 5) ;-) As always, the Teen rating will only be missing the sex scene. :-)




With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 1

With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 2 with Smut

With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 2 without Smut

With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 3

With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 4

With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 5 with Smut

With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 5 Teen

With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 6

With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 7

With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 8

With Arms Wide Open: Book 1 Chapter 9 The Wedding Teen

With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 9 The Wedding with Smut

With Arms Wide Open: Book 1 Chapter 10 Teen

With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 10 with Smut

With Arms Wide Open: Book One Chapter 11 The Last Chapter of Book 1

With Arms Wide Open Book 1 is now complete. Book 2 will be began soon. Book 2 is the Season 3 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer re-write. It will pick up where Book 1 ended.

You may have noticed that I have guest writers every so often write a smut or two for a chapter. This is because I cannot write smut with out it sounding cheesey. I do give full credit to the guest writer for what ever they write. If you want to be a guest writer for Book 2, email me at and let me know! Please provide B/A or B/Aus smut for reference.

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