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Krying Ranebowz

Krying Ranebowz Blurb

Hi everyone. This site was started because I know many people feel alone at times. Maybe, they just went through heartbreak, or they could be having family issues, but whatever the problem; Krying Ranebowz will be there. The advisor of this site (me) used to have "bad thoughts" of life. She is now cured and living life to the fullest. We are hoping that whoever has a problem, will not be afraid to talk about their problems. That's what I never listened to, and I ended up... in a not so good position.

I'm here to try to get more and more people to express their feelings and thoughts (I know, it sounds lame). Believe me, it works. I think that ranting on to someone really DOES help control my anger physically. Even just hitting and beating up something other than a living thing helps at times. And honestly, stress balls don't work for me.

If you ever want to talk to an expierenced... counselee you could call it, email me.

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