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Surely you'd know an individual such as myself would write poetry? Some of these poems date back to two years ago, enjoy...


Months have passed,
I cannot forgive myself,
I can't forget it either,
I'd rather bury it and hope that it never happened,
It did though and I know it,
No matter how hard I try it always comes back,
I'm always reminded,
And I still end up feeling contempt,
I cannot forgive myself,
I don't expect anyone else to either,
But just what am I so regretful for?

Questioning Self

My views are still the same,
I still think the same,
But am I the same?
No longer is there the control I had at one time,
Was this provoked,
Perhaps supressed before,
Tearing my mind in directions I no longer understand,
Not being able to escape the confusion and persistance of it all,
Have I finally given in,
Am I once again the fallen Prince,
A retreat into myself is what needs to be done,
Time to think and remember what was once me,
Time to remember what I wanted,
Perhaps this is the answer.


Life has it's twist and turns,
Unexpected they may be,
At any moment a single second can change everything,
From feelings of your heart to the world around you,
Does it have meaning,
IF there is meaning, can it be understood,
Would it spoil life to know why,
Why the twists and turns,
Why the changes,
Life is a constant question of why.

Sad Confusion 2

One thing is said and then the oppisite is said,
Which is to be beleived,
The struggle to understand is maddening me,
I've wrestled with this for far too long,
Where is the truth in it all,
Why have I been chosen to undergo this,
What have I done?
This confusion is both sad and tradgic,
One day I'll have my answer

Kind Ones

The kind one cries tears of blood inside,
Hiding themmself from the world once again,
Further into the abyss the kind one was once put in,
Body quivering with pain and confusion,
The desire to be alone,
The kind one sits in the crowded area,
Forever hiding a dark sadness,
The kind one sits alone sadly.


A smile can have a dictionary of unspoken words,
Most of happiness,
So sweet a smile is,
Heartwarming one is,
A smile so wonderful,
A smile so kind,
You never forget it,
It takes you to a happier place,
Smiles are something to be had

Sad Confusion

My own feelings confuse me,
Beweilder me,
All leave me,
Feelings of confusion,
Saddened by these feelings,
Friends leaving me,
Leaving me to dwell in what I've created,
My castle now a heap of coal,
Coal soon to be blown away,
Or will I rebuild my castle despite this sad confusion of mine,
Despite these feelings,
Despite anyone who dare change me...

My Own Silience

My own sadness,
Unexplainable sadness,
Loss of words and sense,
Not knowing why this feeling has come over me,
Flashing memories of past tragidies that have crushed me,
Endless memories,
Put down as a whole,
Careless thoughts,
Letting go of the present,
Entering my own state of mind,
Twisted with tourtures,
Locking myself inside,
Forever with my own silience

Utter Sadness

Constantly being asked of,
Never good enough,
Never right,
Own intelligence and goodness harmful to one's self,
Not being able to overcome,
Confused how to react,
Sitting alone,
Rejecting everyone,
Not wanting anyone,
Hating all that is around,
Vowing to leave at one point,
Different from the others,


A reflection of what you once were,
Desiring to go back,
Fearful you've made mistakes,
Too many,
Reaching for the reflection,
Burnt by it,
Innocent in what way,
You've blended with such that you've vowed you wouldn't,
Broken a vow to yourself,
The most important vow you can break

Destruction Of Self

I am cruel yet sweet,
Handsome yet selfish,
Complex yet alluring,
Evil yet gentle,
A puzzle to be solved,
If it's possible,
Private yet fun,
Smart yet dumb,
Hateful yet giving,
I am myself,
Just myself....

Fallen Prince

Staked and left,
Left with my own bitterness,
My own hatred,
Left with myself,
Pondering how have I fallen again,
Wondering how I let it happen,
A heart of gold rusted,
Rusted into Darkness,
Cold and private it stays,
Beating as only it should,
Thoughts blocked by confusion,
Not caring for anything,
I am the Fallen Prince....

Return To Darkness

Alone in a corner,
Everyone aware looking at you,
As if you were in a glass case,
Look at him but don't bother,
Staring back coldly,
Clouded mind filled with tears of another,
Pain caused with one word spoken from your mouth,
Forever the one in the glass case,
Sighing when realizing this is your Return To Darkness...

Back To Life

Feeling better,
You no longer hurt,
You've been mended by one,
Clearly you see now,
Your eyes no longer a pain of thought,
Let a devious smile appear as you begin to understand,
You can be happy and you are happy

Darkness In Light

Trial over,
Feeling the pain in your eyes,
Wishing it would stop,
A drop of grief worth nothing,
All you've done has come to an end,
Boilng in your mind about the past,
Coiling every bit of your being,
One side is light,
The other an unlit candle of a heart

One In The Same

A search begins ,
A search which may take time ,
You'll never ditch the quest ,
Which at one time was a search ,
To find someone like you ,
You strike out everywhere you look ,
All you find is despair,
Despair that there might not be One Like you ,
One In The Same