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Chapter 3

Seth and Tabetha had hunted for many years together before. When she awoke from her death, there was no one around her. The vampire who made her left her dead to find out everything on her own. She was scared and for days barely survived, that was until she met Seth who immediately took her in.

Seth continued to walk the streets, taking in the night wonderful air. From time to time, he wondered about his protege. Their reign of evil ended shortly after the beginning of the 1900s. She sided with Devin, a Vampire not only with a sinister love for murder but also one with interest in blending with the times.

Seth, on the other hand, liked being just a shadow of death. Technology was never his interest. Being low profile was more his taste, the oppisite of Devin's. The two didn't get along together very well either, so Tabthea's joining only heated things.

Seth continued his walk through the city, watching the people pass him and smelling the scent of their blood. If he could, he'd drain each human that came within his view.

He strolled by a homeless man and growled at him as the man asked for mere change. At first, Seth passed him by. After a second thought though, he went back to the man and looked him over. He had a long grey beard that nearly covered all of his mouth, when he spoke a horrible stench came from him. His clothes were complete rags, his army jacket torn at every seam yet he still wore it. His boots were brown due to all of the mudd on them.

Seth sighed and looked at him."Friend, you must be uncomfortable out here. If you follow me, I'll cash a bill and get some change to give to you. You may do whatever you like with it?"

"Really Mister? I'm George."The poor man mumbled out as he looked the other way.

"Yes, just follow me!" Seth began walking, but the man didn't follow at first. So, he turned around and made a gesture with his hand to say come on. He noticed the man's limp and how he counted his fingers as he began to follow."So tell me, what was your name again?"

The homeless man looks to the air at his left and speaks."My name? You want to know my name? He wants to know my name. George, do you hear that?"

Seth stops walking for a moment and looks at him, then he mumbles to himself as he continues to walk."Wonderful, he has driven himself crazy during his years of poverty." Seth grinned meanly.

"What? Pardon you, I didn't hear what you said to me." The man began counting on his fingers quicker."One, two, three, four! Four dollars will get me a hotel to sleep in." Seth stared at him again blankly and sighed as he kept his pace.

They walked for nearly twenty minutes, Seth finally stopped in front of the gates of a graveyard. The black iron gates must've been at least fifthteen feet high, the tops had spikes on them. Seth could feel his eyes turning red as he hissed and turned to the homeless man. The man was going to run but Seth got in front of him with ease and pushed him against the gates.

"George is afraid, George is very afraid. Very scared, I am."The man spoke these words as he desperately looked around for help.

Seth brought his face into the other man's very closely and put his finger over the man's mouth."It will do you no good, George can't do anything."

Seth viciously dug into the flesh of the man, furiously sucking every drop of blood from him. He forced his hand on the man's throat to inflict more pain. When he was done,he dragged the man into the cemetary leaving a trail of blood on the pavement. He laid the man onto a grave in a crucified position and shook his head at him.

Then he spit a lingering drop of blood left in his mouth onto the man's face and then wiped his own chin clean. He kicked the man's chest and left his foot on it as he looked down into his dead eyes they were still wide open.

"Well friend, your blood was as sickening as you were."