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Chapter 2

Seth, the great Vampire. For over five centuries he has walked the Earth satisfying his blood lust. Each year, he had became a little more vicious. He has traveled across the world and back many times, from Los Angeles, California to China. He had a passion for New York though, he always came back to it sooner or later.

The night was still young, the scent of fresh blood filled the air. As he walked the streets of the city with his hands shoved into the pockets of his, Seth listened to the sounds of the traffic. He didn't require freindships or luxuries nor did he want either of those. He'd only had one vampire companion in his existence and was happy with waking in a dark candle lit crypt deep into a cemetary.

Not all the vampires in the city were like this, however. There were a groups whom have been around for nearly the same time as Seth who enjoy the luxurious vampire life. It's a matter of preference, you see. Some prefer to fit in with the changing times and learn about the technology. Seth never cared for these things much, his only care was to feed.

The chase of the victims, the smell of their sweat, and the feel of their skin tense as he bites into them among other things enthralled him. Man, woman, or child it didn't matter to him, he'd kill them all the same. If it were a child, he'd lure them somehow and viciously take their blood. He'd even let some of his victims live just so they can rave that a vampire attacked them, Seth knew people would think that person to be crazy.

As Seth walked on, he found himself surrounded by open electronic, clothing, and groccery stores. He'd pass the store windows and look at their displays, but never cared to walk inside. He did buy clothes once and a while though with the money he stole from victims. As he walked to the street corner, he started to sense two beings such as himself near.

He turned around and saw two vampires on the sidewalk behind him. He knew them both, Devin and Tabetha. Devin looked like a man in his mid twentys, his long light brown hair rested on each side of his shoulder. He was thin and a little taller than Seth, but not by much. His deep brown eyes met the eyes of Seth.

Seth then looked to the woman, Tabetha. Her hair was as long as he remembered it, it reaches the middle of her back. She never wore it in a braid or ponytail, it was always down with all the strands away from her face so her grey eyes showed perfectly. Her face was beautiful, she had a great facial structure with full pouting lips which made a devilishly seductive smile. Her slender body also remained the way he remebered, quite desirable. Both of their skin was ghastly white, same as Seth's.

They both looked like common mortals to him, the man wore a white shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. The woman wore a short grey t shirt that let her navel show and a knee length black skirt with gothic looking black boots.

They began to walk towards him and Seth spoke."I would've thought you two were mortals had your skin not be so pale."Seth laughed as they came towards him.

Devin nodded and met his comment."Yes my old friend, we pass for mortals. I know you don't care whether you do or not considering we may see you running around in a tuxedo with a cape soon."His voice had a slight British accent, not much though.

Seth smiled at Tabetha."Tabetha dear, still a delight to see. I hope this poor impersonation of a vampire has not changed you." He grabbed the woman's hand and kissed it, then released it back to her as she smiled letting her fangs show.

"No, I haven't been changed yet. I'm still the Tabetha you remember."Tabetha smiled at him and looked around Seth as if there was something else with him."Why do you not have a companion with you though?"She looked at him sadly.

Devin shook his head."Think of what you are saying my dear, Seth doesn't like companions. He likes to live alone in a coffin. You know that."

Seth's lips curved into a grin."Devin, I take care of myself. I need no comforts or anyone to confide in."

Tabetha got in front of Devin and smiled at Seth."Have you hunted? You can come with us if you like. I'd like to hunt with you again after so many years."

Seth nodded yes and looked at Devin."I would love to my dear."

Devin shook his head again."No, you do not belong with us. I'm sure you've already hunted anyway, haven't you? I can smell the blood on your lips still."

Seth spread his arms out."I have hunted, I sent another one of God's childeren to him. An old woman, her blood tasted fine in my mouth. I'm still savoring the moment."He grinned and his fangs showed clearly.

Devin nodded and spoke without looking up at Seth."That's very much like you, to kill helpless people. You can't take a challenge."

Tabetha spoke up again."Sometimes the finest tasting blood is that of the helpless, I still remember from when I fed with Seth. The blood never ceased to flow for us."She smiled seductively.

Devin looked at the woman in the eye and spoke with a harsh tone."We are on a street corner, people can hear us. We really shouldn't discuss this now."

"That's the Devin I know, afraid of mortals discovering our existence. You've always been terrified of that, each and every one of us getting hunted down. That's why you're careful of who you feed on, it's pathetic. However, you make a good point. We are on a street corner, so I shall take my leave. I bid you both a good night."Seth looked at Tabetha and then kissed her cheek."Hopefully, I'll see you again soon without him." She just smiled as Seth walked away.