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Chapter 1

New York City is a incredible place to say the least. People from all walks of life choose it to be their dwelling. It's also the perfect place for the abnormal to dwell and hide themselves. The tale starts here without further introduction, there will be time for that later.

In the corner booth of a coffee house sat a quiet fiend with an evil grin, a newspaper lay in front of him on his table. Anyone who glanced at him would just write him off as another teenage male, he was more than that however. He didn't speak a word since his arrival into the place, it was as if he was just collecting his thoughts. His only movements since he sat at in the booth were when he decided to run his fingers through his thick and shiny black hair or to move the strands from the corners of his eyes.

He'd been waiting in this place he despised for nearly an hour, watching everyone who entered. He'd scan them from head to tone and glance at their eyes. None of them were good enough, not even the beautiful young women who passed in and out.

The employees tried to serve him when he first arrived, but he didn't speak. He just waved his hand in a gesture that meant to go away. Of course, they couldn't ask him to leave. He was doing nothing wrong and he did buy a paper from the stand inside the store, that technically made him a customer.

His green eyes lit up like burning flames as an elderly woman stumbled in the door. She stood very refined at the counter ordering her coffee to go and explaining that she was in a hurry. He shifted around in the booth and cocked his head while staring at her. She took notice of him and smiled, his face kept his grin.

Her hair was white and short, the back didn't even touch her shoulders. Her face was pretty even with the wrinkles under her eyes and on her hands. He looked at her grey sweat shirt and black baggy cotton pants, he could tell she was the type who jogged or excercised. This woman would be perfect for his victim.

He studied her every movement as she began to walk out the door. Slowly he rose and followed her out the door. The streets were fairly empty, not too many things to do on this particular street.

The woman could hear his footsteps with hers but thought nothing of it at first. As it continued, she started to walk faster without looking behind her. The man started to smile behind her and let his sharp fangs show. She finally turned around and looked at him.

She scanned him from head to toe, his skin was incredibly pale and smooth looking. He was tall with short black hair that was long in the front, strands hanging at the corners of his eyes. She stared into his green eyes as she noticed his white pointed fangs. They were like tiny daggers in his mouth.

The man's shirt was such a dark red, it nearly looked black. The sleeves were unbuttoned and covered his knuckles, she could only see slender white fingers sticking out as his hands lay still at the sides of his black slacks. This outfit fit his thin body perfectly.

"What do you want? Are you lost, sir?" She shouted.

He began to walk around her in a circle very slowly as if he were hypnotizing her."I am not lost, not anymore." He looked deep into her eyes, it sent chills through the woman."As for what I want, well...I want the essence of life, my dear. Blood is the essence of life."

She dropped the Coffee and started to run as fast as she could, the man just watched. It seemed she had lost him, she went into an alley as a shortcut to the traffic ahead on the next street. The sound of the rattling metal from the fire escapes above boomed through her ears, someone was walking on them and fast.

Within seconds she saw the man vault of the side of the fire escape and land on his feet without flinching. He straightened his posture, fixed his sleeves, and stared her in the eyes from the other side of the alley. She turned around to run again, but he was too fast for her. She couldn't get even half way back down the hallway before his icey hands caught her neck, she trembled at his touch. He spun her around to look at him, he then looked in her eyes and smiled again.

He looked into her eyes deeper than before and she became entranced, her own brown eyes were looking back into his emerald like green eyes. She didn't even try to free herself. "You can tell your God that I ,Seth, have killed another one of his childeren." He then slammed his fangs into her neck.

Her body became stiff and he held her by the waist as he intensely drank from her neck. He drained her completely and then spit on her remains as he walked away.