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Lestat de Lioncourt was born into darkness several years ago in the city of Paris. He is a six foot tall blonde haired Frenchman, his blue grey eyes have seen quite a bit over the years and aren't done yet. His maker was a rogue vampire who stole the Dark Gift and thus created the vampire we've all grown to love. The Brat Prince, as he is sometimes called, is quite possibly the most powerful of the immortals. His strength is unmeasureable. His sight and hearing are by far stronger than any human being. Lestat also laid directly in sunlight and lived to tell the tale.

He was born naturally in the winter of 1760. During his mortal life, he lived unhappily. He grew up with his parents and brothers in a castle in Auvergne, France. At one time, he wanted to be a priest. His father would not allow it though, Lestat was forcefully brought home from a monastery. Not long after this, he had he urge to become an actor. He ranaway with an acting troop whom he felt very comfortable with, he was accepted by them.

The acting troop was a perfect place for him, he was at his happiest. His father ruined that as well though, so once again Lestat was forcefully brought home. His mother, a very ill woman, was the only person who understood and cared about him. She knew he needed to leave Auvergne.

When he was about 19, 21 at the oldest, a group of vicious wolves were threatening the village. Lestat, a skilled hunter, decided to hunt down these wolves. He survived the fight and was praised by everyone. It's then he reconnected with his old friend named Nicholas. His mother, Gabrielle, soon after this ordeal gave him the money to leave for Paris with Nicholas. So off they went.

He acted on stage while Nicholas, a skilled Violinist, played on the streets for money. This is when Lestat was once again robbed of happiness, this time not by his father but by a vampire named Magnus. After being turned into an immortal, his maker killed himself leaving Lestat alone with his new gifts.

He has friends as well as enemies. However, even some of his friends aren't always on good terms with him. He has made many fledglings, including his own mother. The most popular of the fledglings is probaly Louis though, the most human of them all.

While Lestat's walked the Earth, he has been a rockstar, an acclaimed novelist, switched bodies with a human, as well as taken a trip to Heaven and Hell. Throughout his immortal life, the thing that stands out the most to people is probaly visiting both Heaven and Hell. Impressive, huh? :)

Sadly, the trip put him into a coma for a short while. It's not over yet though, he has risen again recently. I wonder what Lestat plans to do next.