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Conventia: The Convention Hall Planet rested at the edge of a far away galaxy. It was a used for the Great Assigning by The Tallest for Operation Impending Doom II: The Irken Planet Conquering Mission! Eight years later, Conventia became a Irken Prison Planet. The Tallest would visit it only to watch those imprisoned get zapped by electricity in their cells. The Tallest only wished they could have tricked Zim into coming to the Prison. There was no need for it though because Zim was no threat to Earth or the humans that inhabited the planet.

Zim still was working on ways to destroy Dib and the rest of the planet after 8 years of stuck on Earth without conquering it. Zim had finally come up with a new device though. Zim thought about what it does and what to name it! He decided to test it out, so he called Gir to come down to the lab.

"GIR, come down here! I need you for an experiment!" Zim Screamed!

"I Love experiments." Screamed Gir as he rushed into the lab.

Zim used his PAK to power the new device and Gir was so crazy he fell right into it. Gir fell out on the other end and started running around crazily. Zim looked at the screen view of his new invention and noticed that it looked just like a town on Earth. Zim thought to make notes on this new world he would check it out himself, so he jumped into the portal. Zim landed in a field in the middle of the town. Confused, Zim took out a device from his PAK that told him he was actually in a Parellel Earth, similar to his own. Zim looked at himself, now he had a new more dimensional shape then before. Zim walked off heading towards the suburban area nearby. The houses surrounded him as he searched for someplace to hide out while he fixed the device that brought him here.

MEANWHILE! - Dib was watching for Zim activity on his laptop. He picked up Zim's DNA marker on the screen, but it was strange because Zim was no where around his house on screen. Dib thought the DNA marker was wrong since Zim wasn't around, at least not in the 2D land.

It started to rain outside, so Zim ran to take shelter in the nearby shed. Later on that night, it started thunderstorming and Zim thought he could use the lightning to power his device and get back to his world. As the thunder went off he ran outside and stuck the device in the air then the lightning zapped him. The zap from the lightning reprogrammed his PAK and caused Zim to fall to the ground unconscious. The next morning Zim woke up more evil, finally realizing he could prepare this Earth for Operation Impending Doom II. GIR was around the corner screaming happily and Zim was sick of it so he grabbed GIR and reworked the device and they headed home. Zim used all his knowlege of the 3rd Dimension and his Irken Invading skills to come up with a plan.

ZIM + Human + Operation Impending Doom II = Chance to Conquer Earth

So Zim headed to the real world again in search of a human subject to prepare Earth for the impending Irken Invasion. Zim noticed that I was heading to school.

"Get that huuu-man for me, GIR!" Zim screamed at GIR.

GIR, in Doggy disguise used his jets to fly off towards me. While I was driving to school GIR had captured me and then flew back to Zim, who knocked me out. Zim opened the portal back to his world and jumped in taking me with him and GIR followed. When I woke up, I looked around confused about my surroundings. I looked around and noticed that I was strapped down to an experiment table. It looked to me like Invader ZIM's lab from the Jhonen Vasquez created tv series. I thought that it couldn't be possible unless I was CRAZY! I turned my head to the side and I saw something move quickly through the shadows. A voice screamed out from the shadows, "Are we gonna disect him, Are we gonna disect him!?"

Then a different voice came from in front of me, it yelled out to the other one, "Stop scaring the stupid human dirt-child, Gir!"

Zim suddenly turned on the lights and came towards me, it was Zim alright. So I started pondering, "How Zim had gotten into the our world?"

Asking Zim about this thought of mine, he pointed out his alternate reality time portal device from his PAK. I then thought up the ultimate scheme ever, I lied to Zim telling him that I would help him take over the world. So, he released me and we took a trip back to the real world. I headed to the town hall to get the schematics of my High School, starting to plan how to make everything happen in the proper order for world conquest. As soon as the plans were ready I decided I needed extra help. Andrew Williams, my best friend would be a great help in our plan. So I called him up and told him to meet me at school. Later on at the high school, Andy met me out front. I discussed with Andy what had happened, and of course he needed the proof that it all happened, so I made him follow me around the corner. Andy stood there shocked in amazement as he looked at Zim standing there. I told Andy about our plans about Zim taking over the real world, instead of the one in his dimension. Andy seemed intrigued by the idea and offered to help out. So now with Andy's brilliant mind and Zim's technology, we would need some kind of distraction. Andy and me walked into the school and caught Connelly, who was watching us talking with Zim. Andy W. and me talked with each other about what to do with him.

We decided to use him as a distraction to annoy the secretary and the principal so we could create an announcement to the students to tell them about the DOOM that lied ahead for them. So, having Connelly act as a distraction was the best idea, he made fun of the secretary and the principal so much that they started chasing him out to another part of the school. Williams and me walked into the office, we took the microphone and Andy handed it to Zim, who implanted little Irken nanobots inside of it and other junk from his lab. Once the microphone was set I put it back down on the front desk, we ran back over to Zim, who was waiting for the perfect moment to invade the H.S. then the world.

"This microphone was now set up so it will broadcast my own special message to those stupid humans!"

We watched the secretary while she went over to the microphone to do the morning announcements. Zim took out a pre-recorded Irken message he made, and said it was connected to the microphone in the main office.

"That explains the nanobots in the microphone", I said to myself.

"Puny Humans, I, Invader Zim have come to begin my doom upon your school and your world, hahahahahahahahahahaha!" came out from the microphone in Zim's voice.

Everything Zim had said on the recorder went through the microphone and into the intercom in every room of the school.

In a daze, everyone ran out of their classes on the first floor and everyone in the second floor classes ran out to look down from the open area above us. No one believed it, until they saw for themselves that Invader Zim was in the High School. Then they all ran back into the classrooms and locked the doors. Later on in the afternoon, kids were so afraid of Zim that I could hear some of them preying that he wouldn't bring them to their doom, which is kind of ridiculous, don't you think. I had forgotten that Gir was outside in his doggy disguise, so then looking at the front doors, they started moving. All of a sudden, Gir busted through the doors and into the school and started to fly around. And fly around he did, Zim quickly went off running after him.

MEANWHILE! - Andy and me had decided to sacrifice Connelly as the first human being to get sent for some kind of Impending Doom. Of course, now we will present a new character to the story-Zim's second sidekick, Minimoose! Yes, it was Minimoose who "has been with Zim all the time." hahahahaha! Minimoose came in handy as a really good shocking device. So I used Minimoose to shock Connelly to keep him restrained for safety reasons not to be explained here. 1:00pm-Andy took tools out of Zim's Pak, the Pak, if you don't know, is the lifeforce of Irkens. Andy constructed some sort of new device with the tools, something useful for Zim's plans of doom for the students in the H.S.

I used Minimoose to hypnotize all the students so no one could stop us, and nobody suspected a thing, now we would finally complete our plans for world conquest......... So began Operation Impending Doom 3!

Andy was the brains of the whole idea, so I would dedicate the world to him! 2pm- Our galactic conquest plans were about 22 hrs, 13 mins, and 10 secs away. This gave us plenty of time to make sure everything we set up would work, we put every device in the gym and placed a mat up in front of each device then we ran out of the gym and hit the control button-BOOM, every mat was now in pieces! Now the only thing left to do was to get everything ready by the night. All three of us headed to Andy's house that afternoon, we went up to his room to use his laptop, because it had broadband internet service and it would easily work with his family's three satillite dishes!

Andy started up his 3D computer program to scan all the schematics we made up at the school. But, what happened to Gir? Zim had captured him and Gir was downstairs in Andy's livingroom watching tv. Andy, Zim and me were all studying the schematics in 3D on the Laptop. But Andy felt like we should of sent Zim back to his two-dimensional world, because he really didn't belong in our world. We both looked over at Zim and he started disappearing into nothing, so I looked over at Andy who thought, "Baker, we have to send him back or he'll disappear forever-almost like he wasn't created!" So I decided to send Zim back to his world! So, we contacted Zim's own creator Jhonen Vasquez and asked what to do.

Jhonen was astounded to find out that his own creation was in the real world, and wanted to see for himself via internet. He sent Andy a program from the Zim computer artists. As soon as Andy recieved it we put the disk in and uploaded Zim's neighborhood on the screen. Andy invented a device that would send Zim and Gir into the program and hopefully send them back to Jhonen. Zim called Gir up who ran up fast into Andy's room and stood next to Zim on the teleporter, Andy pressed the button on his laptop and then out of nowhere a dimensional portal had appeared in Andy's room right were Zim and Gir were, and teleported them both into the program.

"You did a good thing , Baker-they'll be happier in their own dimension, trust me." Andy had said to me.

"Hey, you can't do this to ZIM, I command you let me out of here, Now!", I could hear Zim yelling out from the screen on Andy's laptop.

"Thank god that's over.", I said with a sign of relief. Then I turned to look at Williams, "Andy, you know I forgot to tell you that I lied to Zim about helping him, I was planning to send him back to his own dimension this whole time. So thanks for helping me do it."

When I got into school the next morning, I met Andy in the cafeteria, we discussed about everything that happened the other day. We both thought for a minute that we going crazy yesturday and were hallucinating.....

"Nah, it really happened.", we both said simultanously. Andy then told me at that he would be moving to a great historical mansion up in New Hampshire. So it was the last few weeks that we could see each other in person at school before we graduated. I made sure we had lots of fun times before Andy moved away from town, and I knew that if Zim ever came back somehow or someway that I would have to call upon a new set of friends to help me capture him and defeat him all over again. But it would be unlikely that it would happen. (Organ music which sounds sort of like the Invader Zim theme song music but more thunderous and spooky plays, paning over to the cafe window-thunder and lighting flash, then Zim's sillohette appears then disappears!)


It's been 2 years since those crazy events had happened and I was now studing business at a nearby college and Andy W. had moved away to another town. I had made a new friend, Ricky Wallace while at the college! I am in my second year now and I have forgotten the events that plagued my hometown due to Invader Zim, and I dismissed the facts that Zim could ever return.

MEANWHILE!- (In the far reaches of space in ZIM's universe) The Almighty Tallest were getting a transmission from Invader Tenn, when another transmission was coming through to them breaking up Tenn's message.

It was Gir, Zim had asked Gir to call the Tallest to tell them he was stuck in a computer program and needed help getting out of it. "Hey, why should we help Zim?", Tallest Purple said to his brother. "I mean, we hate him and he gets in the way of our plans all the time."

"Zim just craves attention from everyone.", Tallest Red said to his brother. "Zim destroyed our home planet, but even though banishing him and hoping he would die on the way didn't work out quite well, we should help him out because without Zim, we wouldn't have an Invader to pick on all the time!"

So, the Tallest locked onto the coordinates from Zim's message. Suddenly, The Massive (The Tallests spaceship) plummeted into an alternate dimension portal which took them out right to our Earth. The ship went out of control spinning around until it crash landed into Andy's old house. Once it stopped, the Tallest headed for the door, and exited the ship. They looked at each other in amazement. "Hey, were more rounded then I thought we were!", Red said looking at his now robust exterior. "Hey, where are we, and where did our snacks go, you know I love my snacks!", Purple said to his brother. The Tallest looked around, "Where could Zim be?" they thought to themselves.

"Hey. I'm over here my tallest!" came a video game like voice from the laptop. Tallest Red floated over to it, and saw Zim waving to him from inside of it. Tallest Red put the laptop on the floor and pulled an Irken downloading plug out of his waistband. Connecting it to the laptop, he used it to download Zim back into the room again. "So Zim, where are my snacks, HA, HA!?" Tallest Purple looked at Zim wide-eyed. Zim had no idea why Purple was acting so strange. Tallest Red, on the other hand was concerned about their current where-abouts. Zim told them the entire story of what happened 2 years ago... then the Tallest called for every Invader to meet them in this "New World" they were in. As soon as all the other Invaders got into our dimension, they all suited up in Irken armor and headed out to inspect the area.

Later on in the day, I was in my bedroom when my ZIM ALERT! Alarm went off. So, with enough tools assembled together I tried to create a way to get into Zim's 2D animated world. I used a device that I stole from Zim two years ago to create my own view between the worlds. I took Zim's device apart and added its Irken chip into my laptop and I was ready to test it out. I knew that incase Zim returned to our world or if we were going to war with the Irkens, I would boldly go where nobody has gone before-to this animated Zim world to grab Dib and pull him into our world. So, I made schematics on my laptop to build a new device that i could create to enter Zim's universe.

Simultainiously, Zim led the Tallest and the Irken Military Soldiers outside. Zim started yelling at everyone, "People of Earth-a new day has come, where you surrender your planet to all of us! HA, hahahahahahahahahaha-HA!" While this was surely interesting and would be something I would have liked to see, I was setting up the portal to the Zim universe-ready to grab Dib no matter what I would face! So, desperate times calls for help. So I entered the stylized Zim universe. It was time to find Dib, mess up Zim's lab, and who knows what else I could do. Dib's house was near the skool, so I had to walk a few blocks and cross a few areas. Then I found Dib's neighborhood. Entering the membrane house, Gaz was there watching I slowly snuck past Gaz and went into the kitchen. Professor Membrane was in the kitchen getting some milk and making TOAST!


"Are you a friend of my CRAZY son, Dib.", Membrane asked me.

I looked at him and yelled out, "I am here to see Dib, who's big-headed craziness might help me to save the Earth."

"Oh no, another poor insane boy." said Professor Membrane outloud.

At that point, Dib ran into the kitchen babbeling and acting all crazy like the crazy boy he was known as. I introduced myself as Agent Eyepain-a new Swollen Eyeball Agent. I told Dib that Zim was trying to destroy my world and I needed his help with destroying Zim once and for all.


"What! Zim? How do you know about Zim!?, Dib asked me.

"Yea, but I know all about you and your love for the Paranormal and I know how you really want to try and capure Zim and expose him as an alien.", I explained to Dib.

"Yes, someone who actually believe's me for once, this is great!", Dib screamed with exitement.

Dib kept asking me questions while we left to re-enter the real earth.

"What did you mean earlier by 'your world'? Do you mean to tell me there are other versions of Earth out there", Dib asked.

"Yes, there is a universe parallel to yours and i'm going to take you there right now and show you.", I replied.

I used the parallel universal device to reopen the portal and pull us into the real world. Once I got back into my room again, I looked over to see if Dib was alright. He was turned into a real human copy of himself. I filled in the information to Dib on what Invader Zim was up too (even all the stuff from the first story!). Now, in a armor making montage, we got ready to battle the Irkens.

MEANWHILE!- Zim, the Tallest, and the whole fleet of Irkens had taken over a machinery and auto repair store. Irken soldiers started building more armor for themselves, while Zim was fixing his PAK-hoping to modify it to do amazing things.

Later that afternoon, I posted a banner up on the internet and sent some out to the public. My plan was to recruit the best of the best from all around the Earth, that way I would have a big group of other humans to rise up and defend the planet from the Irkens. I ran to the college the next day and I talked to my good friend Ricky Wallace. It would be a good chance to enlist him so he could use some of his karate moves on the Irken invaders. Ricky armed himself with all the martial arts artillery he could find! We headed back to the newly formed RATIHQ (Resistance against the Irkens Headquarters). I quickly made a speech in case no one came back from the battle....

"I've called you all here because there is an alien force so dangerous outside, that we have to plan everything in hiding. As you may know-my banner described the alien force as Invader ZIM. You may look at the file folders under your chairs because it has useful info for you to study about this invading force. You might be asking yourself: What is all this about? or Why are we fighting a character from a cartoon universe?". Well, I'll tell you one thing and one thing only: Some of you might make it back, some might not. But helping each other and using Ricky's martial arts weapons....we can destroy these creatures and send them back to where they belong! Now, Who's with Me!!!!!!!!!"

They all put their arms up and screamed, "We are!"

Then I yelled out at them, "Who are we going to get rid of?".

They yelled out, "The Irkens Invaders!"

Dib became our leader, as he led us into a drill on all known Irken related information! Meanwhile: Sam, our tech guy was preparing our battle suits so we all would have great weaponry and Irken proof shields! As soon as Dib was done filling in the information on all Irken technology, we headed out into battle.

The Irken's were in their special headquarters finishing up their battle suits, before going to war the Tallest gave them all a speech:

Tallest Red: "Well-we're about to go to war with the people on Earth-

Tallest Purple: "You've all learned your invading skills by now,"

Tallest Red: "So we want you to go out there and win us some, some....."

Zim stepped in yelling, "some pitiful humans , Hahahahahahaha!"

Zim and the Irken's marched out into the street, and then the human soldiers and I arrived. As soon as the Irkens let out their battle cries, the war began.....I took on Zim, Ricky used some of his karate moves on the small Irkens and we both took fought with the Irken Soldiers. We armed ourselves with grenades and swords tossing them at the Irken soldiers, meanwhile Zim and I were still fighting each other. Then I remembered that I had the device I created to get into Zim's universe in my pocket. It would become my secret weapon, but first a little fixin' so it would have the Irken DNA inside of it. Finally knocking Zim to the ground, I took a piece of his skin as a DNA sample after he was unconscious.

While the soldiers of both races were still at battle, I called Dib over to help me create a holographic force-field that would sistain all the Irkens and also the Irken soldiers. The battle kept going on in the background so it was really hard to concentrate. Once I was finished creating the force-field, I had Dib throw it up toward the Irkens. It sustained them all completely except Zim was missing still. Ricky then yelled, "Watch out!" at me as I turned around to see Zim trying to crawl up behind me from the ground. Ricky grabbed Zim and he tossed him into the force-field. So with all the modifications made to it, Dib opened the redisigned portal device that I planned to use as my secret weapon.

We put another part of Zim's DNA into the DNA sampler we installed on the back of the portal device and it loaded up on the mini screen which appeared to be Zim's universe. I scanned the area for Zim's nieghborhood, and also entered a random galaxy in: now the mini screen became a split screen. I was planning on sending Zim back to his neighborhood and the Tallest back to space to continue Operation Impending Doom 3. I threw it up in the air over force-field that sustained the Irkens, it opened a bigger portal to the Zim universe.

A beam of light struck out on the Irkens. The beam of light took the Irken soldiers, the Tallest and Zim, transporting them back to their original spots in their own world. I caught the device as it closed up and before it hit the ground, I was just hoping that Dib made it back ok. Back in the Zim universe, Dib and Zim both fell into Zim's yard from the portal. Dib got up and looked happy that everything was back to normal. But Zim started to think of new plans to destroy Dib, knowing that he was one of the ones that planned out the whole dimensional portal thing. As Dib walked away Zim yelled out to him:

"Dib, you'll pay for this you stinking human. I know it was you who sent us back here, and I won't rest until I destroy you!"

(fadeout back to real world)


Back in our world, Ricky and me were picking up the artillery that was scattered throughout the street.

"Well, that's that-I don't think we'll see any Irkens around here again, or at least not in our time." I said to Ricky.

"Yea dude, I don't think they'll be showing up again anytime soon. After all we kicked their butts." Ricky said.

We looked at all the corpses of Irkens and Humans laying in the street. Ricky gathered those who survived the battle and took them back to the RATIHQ.


(scene change to Zim's universe, ominious Zim music plays as scene creates powerful montage for sequel)


Zim was still stuck halfway slammed into the fence in his yard. He called for Gir to come get him out. Soon enough he was back in the lab under the base thinking of a new plan unlike anything he's tried before. Meanwhile, Dib was back in his room contacting the Swollen Eyeballs to tell them what happened to him. The Tallest were back in their spaceship, The Massive...traveling throughout space....and Gaz was watching the new Game Slave TV Series that was based on her favorite game. Zim contacted the Tallest to tell them about his new plans, like they cared....but in the end the transmission linked to the Tallest failed and blew up in Zim's face. He then yelled at Gir thinking that Gir was the cause for it....

"GIR!, I thought I told you that the stuff in my lab aren't play things."

Gir replyed: "Sooorrryyy. Ooooo, what's this do..."

"No Gir, don't touch that - No Gir...NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Zim yelled!

Gir fell on top of Zim, he screamed, "Ow, My Spine!" (fade to black screen)




(camera zooms through space passing all the planets and pans down to Cartoon Earth: paying homage to Zim Eats Waffles and The Most Horrible Xmas openings)

(camera zooms into Cartoon Earth and stops on Zim's house)

"Those stupid humans, 1st they stop my real world domination plans, then they destroyed half of the Irken Military in the war. This time I will definately not fail at my mission!" Zim said to himself while he fixed his PAK! Zim and Gir had been stuck in their original world for about a year and a half now and Zim was getting sick of being stuck there watching all his plans go to poop. Gir seemed happy though. He just sat on the living room couch watching the TV. Not just had they been stuck in their cartoon world, but also Dib was also stuck in it as well this time. Professor Membrane was working on his experiments down in his lab, while Gaz was playing her new Game Slave 3. and Dib was up in his room looking at all of his Dad's files.

"I guess I'll check in Dad's files and see if theres anything genetically related to me not catching creatures like Zim!" Dib thought as he kept searching.

He found a file that was labeled DIB: MY POOR INSANE SON! on it. Dib looked inside the file and discovered that he's not really the son of Professor Membrane, but a clone of Membrane. Dib was so shocked by the file that he dropped it on the floor and then he passed out on the floor. (fade out of scene)

(fade into new scene)

The Tallest, recovering from their post-Human/Irken war trauma got their relaxing time interruped by a transmission from Zim.

"My Tallest, I am sorry for the failure in our war against the real world humans. My newest plan though should work against the humans once I find a way back into the real world!" Zim happily told the Tallest.

"Well, that's nice Zim." Tallest Purple said.

"Yes Zim, but we're relaxing now so no more interuptions ok!" Tallest Red said.

The Tallest closed out the transmission before Zim could say anything else. (End Scene)


(Scene fades in on the real world)

I was working on my new Standard Particle Alternate Dimension Converter Machine when my computer popped up an email from Dib.



Welcome to The Unofficial INVADER ZIM Site! This is the #1 Site for everything sick, twisted and full of Doom on Earth! Just don't let the "Dib Human" or any other filthy human dirtbags onto the website!



Go to TurboNick to view the new TurboNick player which has some clips from Invader ZIM and features some of the Full Length 11 minute episodes!


More projects coming soon


If the show had not ended, the following events and stories would have taken place:

Invader Skoodge would have moved in with Zim on earth.

Dib would have discovered he is a clone of Professor Membrane and not actually his son.

Tak would have returned.

Zim and Dib would have left Earth and had a season where Dib chased Zim across the galaxy on their way to Irk.

The Resisty would have returned.

And a series finale movie entitled, Invader Dib, which would have had a full scale war against the Irkens.
Jhonen's infamous "Z?" logo appears frequently in the show, as well as Fillerbunny, one of Jhonen's comic characters.
In the episode "A Plague of Babies", the goth vampire from series creator Jhonen Vasquez's "Meanwhile..." comic is visible in the background of the first baby's house.


Kevin Manthei composes the background music heard in almost all the episodes but Mark Tortorici is the one who composes the theme music for the opening credits of the series!