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the mental institution

note:best viewd in vplaces browser (thats why its jammed to the left and smushed if your in IE) so i dont want no bitchin



yet again another damn look heh just like to say thank yah to my friends alby..alex..danny..ryan.. katie..mandi..shelly..shawn.. lyrical aka chris..and krystale if i missed yah let me know i lub yah anyway!

random shit :

sex for dummies : dont you hate it when your eating noodles when suddenly your looking at and u see some chick with worms coming out of her ass? it happened the other night......
   sex for dummies : i beat danny in a pimpin contest......go me!
sex for dummies : i need a life.

anyone can post shit.......oh and if i offend you...suck my non-existing cock

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