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Beautiful Melancholy : A Kikyo Shrine

Welcome to my Kikyo Character Shrine. I really like her so I've put this little thing together for other Kikyo fans to enjoy. She's one of my favorite characters from the series. I have all kinds of goodies here for you. I am also pro-Kikyo + Inuyasha. I have nothing aganist Kagome, but her and Inuyasha could never work out.

I'm not here to start trouble because I could careless if you dont like Kikyo. I'm not apart of the Pro-Kikyo Vs Anti-Kikyo war. I'm here to set facts straight and to provide some entertainment. All and any complaints recieved through email will be posted on the site including your e-mail address. I dont want to hear it. Leaving a nasty comment in my guest book will never change my mind. I'm here to supply my ideas and thoughts on her, I'm not here to fight. If you dont like Kikyo, then...why are you here to begin with? By the way, for those who care to see, I also have another character shrine at Nothing But Sailor Pluto

Enjoy. Dont forget to sign my Guest Book :). Anyway, on with the show.

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