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          Welcome to the Highlander website!

    Here we strive to excel as best we can in the realm of the  scarlet crusade.  We are the Brethren and Sisters of the Horde, we lay claim to our right to live and survive, By doing so lay waste upon the ruthless Alliance who would dare kill our young as they sleep and deny us of our right to live wholesome lives in peace.  Who are we kidding?  We live to Kill!!!! Destroy the Alliance and take the lands that are rightfully ours!  There is only room for ONE army and the Highlanders will strive to become the best the Hordes ever seen!!  We are the Horde, we are Highlanders, Strength and Honor!!!!




Event :

  On every Friday at 6:00pm server time, we shall hold a meeting in Bloodhoof Village.  Everyone Should attend, If you cannot attend please let me know, If you are on this is Mandatory.  Meetings shall be concluded with Duels by the season brackets you are in. (15-19, 20-29, 30-39, etc...)  No rematches.

   --There Can be only one....


News :

  There is to be a Forums set up soon -- most all information regarding this site and the Highlander tribe will be found amongst the Forums, also it will be a great place for ppl to get to know one another and have ideas flowing... 



Crum ~  


Privacy Policy

  ~ Crum

  As of Right now, we are Accepting New Members!  Season Fifteens and up are welcome, all classes.  Just ask    Myself or an Officer to add

 them to the guild.


  ~ Crum

  We are Currently installing all the features for the guild bank.  Donations will be accepted by,



  ~ Crum

   Please if any found broken Links report them right away to myself or any Officer.


  ~ Crum

  Just like many other things in Life, there are guidelines to follow, Here in the Highlanders we have a few as well see the Guidlines page.  Mandatory reading!!!

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