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Stephy's Page

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Here is the wonderful tattoo that Norman bought me for my 21st birtday. He's super.

some pix from a few parties at my apartment are here....

Some Now Older pix of me are over here

Some of the fun we've had up here in Alberta playing with fire.

This is my second tattoo on my right calf muscle.

My House

Anyone interested in where i live now,i have some pix of my house, they're from the summer, but hey, there's a pic of my hot tub, and that has to be worth a look or something.

ThE GlAsShEaD aNd StUtTeRfLy CoNcErT iN vAnDeRhOoF

ThE CoNcErT PaGe!!

An older picture of me that i thought that i would put on here for old time sake.
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