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6-22-03 ~ Okay well i have made small update here and there but well... i am finally doing something major. I have all animes i have on my new computer up, still waiting on about 20 from my old computer. New layout, all images are thumbnailed, there should be a link on every page back to the list or home. If there isn't please email me and inform me.

6-06-03 ~ Okay well it's been awhile. Geez... i almost forgot what it looked like. I'm here and ready to start with brand new look... soon.

8-22-02 ~ I now have most of the gundam wing music up!! I added all the quizzes i've taken. Now. . only Fanfic and Fanart are the only links not here. I'm working on my Fanfics. . .waiting for new stuff.

8-11-02 ~ I have all my animated gifs up!!!! i added Trigun, Princess Mononoke, and Rurouni Kenshin to the Image Gallery. I'm getting there.

8-04-02 ~ Well i have alot of the animated gifs up.Links, Contact,Past Updates, and the Gundam Wing Image Gallery pages up.

7-27-02 ~ The Adoption and Gothic Side are up, Images should be right behind. Till then, bare with me ^.^

7-22-02 ~ Site conversion begins