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Inner peace is never missed until its gone

Bored as hell so im workin on this to see what would happen. I dont really understand why though. It to me is unbeleivably pointless because i will never finish this page or include any graphics on it much less have any visitors to my site. As the time changes so do my thoughts, for some reason ive given up on working on this out of bordum and began to work on this site when im confused and somewhat depressed about things that i have little to no control over, but wish i had more control of. My only thought is it would be great to be adrift and at peace.

Blatent statements of truth and random quotes


Its a sweet sensation, over the dub

i wanna situation, but dont wanna stop

Its the price of living, over the dub

with the sweetest insperation, but dont wanna stop

Cause its money or stop

Cause its money or stop

Cause its money or stop

Cause its money or stop................or stop

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If you love me you wont leave me.

Lifes just a game but its moving really really fast so you better get a moving or life will kick you in the ass.

My Favorite Web Sites

I cant handle the pressure
Fun gone bad
movie reveiws
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