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Awake at Night...


By Danah Ali Abdulla














My Dear Insomnia pt. 1


Finding I hard to sleep at night?

So what is your excuse?


To stressed? Got work to do and there is not time for sleep?

Quit lying to yourself...


Are you afraid of your exposure while you lye helplessly unconscious?

Do you still really believe that there is something

watching you in your room?

Just waiting for you to let your guard down?


Even if there was, there is nothing you can do...

Your blanket cannot deflect bullets...

So its not likely to protect you from

whatever you believe to be waiting with you.


So maybe you do not sleep simply because your afraid to?

Maybe you are not haunted

by the crazy imaginations of the boogieman in your closet,

or the things under your bed.


Maybe you are afraid to dream?

Do your dream things

so vile and horrible that you are afraid to go to sleep,

simply because you want to avoid them?

So you are haunted...


Not by some fairy tale ghost.

Bt yourself...


Your own mind eats away at you

while you take salvation in its hollow rooms.

It tortures you with fears that you know will never go away.

If detests you and murders you slowly without harming you.

Not physically at least...


Welcome to the world of the insomniacs...

Where most people find comfort in sleep,

We find only pain.


-by Danah Ali Abdulla






My Dear Insomnia pt. 2



A Room called THE MIND...


Say your walking down a dark corridor.

You are lost.

Doors are all lined up along either side of you.

Each door different, none are the same.

The corridors are dark, and you feel chills.

You want to leave as soon as possible.

The only light is a dim glow that seems

to be coming from yourself.

The only way you can see something,

is if you walk up to something.


You realize that the only way to escape this place

Is by trying every single door.

And not miss a single one.

In hopes that eventually you will find what

You are looking for.


You slowly approach your first door.

It begins here.

The door has flowers cascading on its handle.

Inside comes a soft light.


You slowly turn the handle and release.

The light blinds you momentarily.

But your eyes eventually adjust.

The room has pink wallpaper. Toys lay unattended

Around the entire room.

You pick up a toy and feel warmth spread

Through your body.

It was a real relief after the cold climate

Of the corridor.


You sit down and take old of another toy

Feeling the same warm sensation.

You crave more of the feeling and pick up another toy

Only to find yourself playing now.


You forget everything. You lose yourself

To the mercy of the toys.

No memory of the corridor resides in your mind

And bad feelings have now subsided

This was the definition of bliss

Now that you had obtained this feeling

You were not about to let it go


The happiness is priceless and you would not

Trade anything for this.

You pause and stare down at the toys

In your grasp.

You can not let go.

But you know you have to.

You have to leave, you have to get out of this place


Your feet refuse to follow your thoughts

You hands grip the toys tightly as

You struggle to let go.


You can not leave

But you know you have to

You don not want to leave

But you know you have to


You drop the toy and take steps back.

The toys stare at you


You hear laughing ringing through

You ears.

You turn and walk away refusing the urge

Sit down and continue playing.


The closer you come to the door

The less warmth you feel


The horrid chills return

Excitingly making their way around your body


The sudden change in temperature causes

You to cringe. You wanted to

go back into the warm room.

But if you were to have any chance of escaping

This place, you have to move on.

You take two steps back from the door and force

Yourself to turn. You walk across the corridor

 to the door opposite of the bliss room.


You handle reaches for the door hoping that

This will lead to your freedom

You grip the brass handle tightly and

Turn the handle.


You let go of the door and it creaks open

At its own will. Taking its time to make and entrance.

You room had no light


It was black...

Pitch black...

As black as the hollow iris of and eye

And as drawing and an eye.

My eyes scanned desperately searching for something

Other than the shade black. I almost grimaced in frustration.

Why... why was it so dark

Make it go away.


I felt myself being pulled into the room.

The darkness was pulling me.

It was literally pulling me!


I ran from the door and screamed.

My piercing voice echoed thought the hollowness

of the corridor.

What looked like shadows at my feet were not mine

They were of something else but it was pulling me into

The room. I cried out in horror.

I was getting way to close to the door for my own

Liking. I struggled holding the frame.

I screamed and felt my blood pumping.

I screamed for help.


But who would help me?


I was lost


I am alone


I was the only one here


I am alone


I was screaming to someone who was never there


I am alone


Darkness was always the absence of life


My grip is starting to loosen.

But whats the point

There was nothing I could do

There was no point in trying

I was erased from existence


This was a bad dream.


Moms always tell you to fight your nightmare.

I guess I lost the fight...


Maybe its

Just like when you wake up right before you die.

Right before the monster kills you.

Right before you hit the floor of the cliff.

Right before you get stabbed.

Right before you run out of breath.


Right before you drown...




Why am I not waking up?


My sweet insomnia...


-by Danah Ali Abdulla