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Limit to Your Trust
Walking down the road
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Wednesday, 3 May 2006
Funeral For a Friend
Now Playing: Linkin Park - Hit the Floor
Topic: Limit to Your Trust
Friends? how cute...

Everyone has friends (even if your a total reject, your bound to have at least one friend...) i MEAN COME ON! your cant be that hated?! O_o

That was a retorical question in case you acutally took the time to think about it -_-

Anyway, everyone is ALWASY proud of their friends, well at least in most cases. You have probaby had a friends lie to you at some point in life. real bummer huh? someone you THOUGHT was a complete trustworthy person, LIES to you.

So limit your trust, NEVER completley trust a friend, even if you KNOW FOR SURE they wont lie to you

They Will

Posted by goth/goth-topic at 5:36 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 24 May 2006 6:14 AM EDT
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Monday, 1 May 2006
Walking Down a Road called 'FAITH' (Died to Young Introduction)
Now Playing: Linkin Park - Easier to Run
Topic: Walking down the road

One way or another, you'll have to walk down a road called life. Its something you cant avoid, its a cursed gift.

You cant escape it, cause this road leads to faith. You dont decide your faith, but you can help with the events causing it to come out one way or another.

You'll come to a fork in the road, screaming at you to make a choice. This is one of the steps that determine how things will turn out in the end.

IF your able to reach the end. But on the road, technically there is no end. It can end at ANYTIME, ANYWHERE,and for ANY reason. You can just fall down and never wake up.

You cant avoid pain on the road. Its a 50-50 shot that you'll just have to take. Chances are eventually you'll get hurt. whether you want to or not...

By now, you probably have regrets, made wrong desicions? chose the wrong road. when your walking or driving or whatever way you like to go, you might meet a hithhiker who will force you into making vile decisions or help you make the Right ones.

You can't spend your life taking the sidewalk. You cant stand and wait for something to happen to you and hope its not to bad. The road wont show you any less Mercy than it does to anyone else. YOU have to make your desicions. you cant blame it on faith, you can only blame yourself.

You've made mistakes, but mistakes arn't a complete loss. You gain from them. you learn from them. You'll know which road is safer then the other. You'll have a better chance of escaping hostile situations. I'm not saying you'll NEVER encounter another bad situation. But you'll have a better chance of slipping away.

You've already started walking down a road called Faith.

probably the most interesting part about the road you'll ever crave to know?

when does your

come to an end.

Lets just hope you dont Die to Young.

Posted by goth/goth-topic at 6:03 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 3 May 2006 5:44 AM EDT
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