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Golgotha's Blood

Welcome to our home page!
About Us
We are a Christian Alternative-Death Metal Band That has been inspired by God to spread his word through our music! Two of us are located in the Nevis/Akeley area of Minnesota. One is located in Avon Minnesota. Clint Carroll is located near Augusta Georgia
We are in the beginning stages of our career and are building our own recording studio along with writing our songs. If all goes well we will be starting our own record label in the next year or two.
God has blessed us with talent and has asked us to share his word through our talents.

Our Influences on our music are as follows:
Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior
God our Creator
Lifes many ups and downs

Christian Bands that have influenced our music:
Jars of Clay
Third Day
Casting Crowns
White Cross

Other Bands that have influenced our Music:
Iron Maiden
Mega Death
Lamb of God
Morbid Angel
Nuclear Assault
Deep Purple
Lynard Skynard
Black Sabbath

You probably want to know who we sound like. Well all we can really say is that we have a wide range of styles and multiple singers so it depends on the song. Listen to our music and find out for yourselves who we sound like.

We are in need of a drummer at this time all applicants should contact The Scribe at

Band Members and their talents

Tim "The Mad Man" Greenwood

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Lead Bass/Lead Vocals/Backup Vocals

Dennis "The Wolfman" Greenwood
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Guitar/Backup Vocals

Don "The Scribe" Brown
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Rythem Bass/Lead Vocals/Backup Vocals

Clint "The Angel" Carroll
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Lead and Backup Vocals/Costume and Set Designer

Dee "Free Spirit" Demars

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Band Mother/Photographer/Evangelist/Financial Supporter

Listen to a couple of our Songs

Record Label: None at this time
Albums Released: None at this time
Shows: None at this time
Tours: None at this time

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