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Gay Rude Boys Unite.

I love Sam.

Well hello people,my name is Jamie.I guess im just your everyday bored out of their mind weird teenager.Im not much of a simple person.Im very rude to people i dont like,esecially doctors.Im very annoying when im bored and i can be very stubborn and deny everything people say nice to me.But if i like you i guess i can be nice and stuff.I love music,its my life.Without music i would probably go even more fucking insane than i already am.Im in high school now which sucks because i dont like school for one thing and now their is more drama and im stuck in the middle of it and there's no exit.I think the only things that make me really truely happy is my wonderful sweet boyfriend Sam and my beautiful cat MIA.Sam means alot to me and i love him so much and i hope we will be together for a very long time.My cat MIA has always been here for me for the past 3 years when i first moved to Hellflower.She listens to me and i can tell her anything and she will never reapeat a word,she knows everything.She's my best friend.Call me pathetic i dont care.Alot of people say im an intresting person which i dont think is true,my life is pretty confusing and boring and it sucks.I dont have a normal teenage life,but yet i dont think any teen does,it may seem like it but inside its probably hell,let's just put on a fake smile and deal.

My school thinks im creepy,but thats just their opinions based on my appearance.But whatever,i guess maybe i am creepy in my own unique way.I love to collect Living Dead Dolls.So far my collection is growing alot and i love them all,they are beautiful.They each have thier own personality and they are so different.Alot of people get scared when they see my bloody dolls in their coffins sitting in my shelf but when i look at them i smile and admire them for their beauty and how unique they are.I wear alot of make up,some people tell me im hiding my beauty with it,i say stop lying.I like alot of different types of music,but not any pop,rock,rap,r&b,or country,those are the only things i cant stand,anything else is cool with me.I like html,im not good at it but im learning.I also love to read,right now im reading Shrimp,it's a sequal to my favorite book Gingerbread.Somehow,it sorta reminds me of myself and my life and the things that have happended to me.Im very intrested into people like Shirley Mason,who was the real Sybil.Daisy and Violet hilton,who were famous siamese twins.Lizzie borden,who murdered her parents.And alot of Living Dead Dolls are actually based on these people.Im really into forensic files and unsolved mysteries and murder cases,im always watching it,its just amazing how they can find out a whole murder case by one foot print left on a piece of glass,or one strand of hair or even a small piece of plastic or material.I just love it.Well a few things about me.I am constantly brushing my hair and hiding behind it,my hair is very important to me.Im kinda obsessed.I love my boyfriend so much and i would never ever do anything to hurt him.I love vampires and living dead dolls and thick black eyeliner.I like to dye my hair.I have spiked my hair before and actually got it to stay up.I never take my make up off.My own boyfriend hasnt even seen me without it.I like to lie down and read when its quiet and raining and i could hear the rain falling againt my window.I think spiders are beautiful i just dont like them on me or near me.I dont have that many friends.I am very very shy and half the people who have known me these last 3 years have never even heard me say one word,i only talk around my friends who i know very well or my boyfriend and of course my cat MIA.I am lazy and dont like walking alot or running or doing anything that involves me actually doing something pyshical.I hate sports.I love the library.I like to shop and buy new band shirts.I change my sites around alot.I love VampireFreaks and Myspace.I think its annoying how people at school are always talking about myspace and make a big deal out of somebody having a myspace,who cares.Definently not me.I love to take pictures.I dont like to be touched or asked stupid questions.And i hate when people touch my hair but sometimes i can make an exception to certain people,only if i really love you that much.

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