Things That Suck

-Stepping on a fish head whilst swimming in the straits near the place where people gut fish.
-Waking up and getting ready for work/school... and then suddenly realizing that it's Saturday.
-Salt water getting in a cut.
-When you're at a show and you get hit in the head with a steel-toed Doc Marten.
-Trying to play your bass when your nails are so long you can barely even get ahold of a string.
-When you're on the L and all the seats are taken so you have to stand and when it goes around corners, everyone falls toward each other.
- When you take a whiff of Coke or Dr. Pepper and all the bubbly stuff goes up your nose. Even worse if your nose is pierced.
-When you're minding your own business doing something and all of a sudden both of your contacts decide they don't want to be in your eyes anymore at the SAME TIME.
-When your Nunzilla falls off the desk.

I know the pieces fit....