BABBLE BABBLE BITCH BITCH rebel rebel party party sex sex sex (and don't forget the violence)

I'd like to thank both my whorebag computer and the whorebag computer we have at work for this rants section being so damned small. It seems like almost every single time I am typing out a spectacular rant, the computer decides that I shoulnd't be online anymore or something to that effect. Thank you, whorebag!

Columbine High School shootings
For the love of.... God?
The American Dream and other such things (Airport fun!)
Christians hellbent on making everyone else Christian
...You're a Waste
Reality, My Ass.
Yes, I'd like some goddamned FRENCH fries with that...
Abort... Abort... Abort...
Welcome to Chicago, Motherfucker.

Home, home on the range...