pEt PeEvEs

Like most human beings, there are some things that are major pet peeves in my eyes. I don't know why I am putting them on my el-crappola website, maybe it's just because I'm so bored. Yeah, that's it. I'm bored. Anyway, here they are. Just because.

~The Angelfire colorschemes! Yeeeeeek!
~People who seem to think it's ok to drive five miles an hour UNDER the speed limit.
~Blood red hair dye that turns bright orange within about two days
~Emails informing me that I can add 1-3" to my penis. I don't have a penis, so how am I supposed to add 1-3" to it?
~Jr High people, and Freshman. Where is my freshman hunting lisense?
~The fact that when you shave your arms, you almost always miss the hair on your elbow... And being blonde doesn't help much.
~Things in the car that rattle
~Ex-piercings that itch like all hell after you've taken the metal out.
~Small children kicking my airplane seat (Must... Control... Fist... Of... Death...)
~Nail polish that no matter how much you blow on it or how long you wait, it never dries all the way
~The fact that if you draw things on tracing paper, the edge of your hand will almost always end up being coated in whatever you were using.
~People who ask me "a/s/l?" and then get pissed when I don't respond (because I never do to that question).
~People who tip back in their chairs really really far, ALWAYS looking like they are on the verge of falling, and never do.
~Two minutes and eleven seconds into the song "Cruella," my Deadsy CD starts to skip.
~When it looks like the sky is about to fall and it doesn't even drizzle.
~When my father figure "samples" something and then half of it is gone.
~When Gavy comes in my room and eats things

I have a lot more pet peeves, I'm sure, but this is all I can think of at the moment.

My skin is crawling....