I'm a pretty damn tolerant person. I really am. It also takes a lot to get me mad. I'm not a bitch unless provoked. Yet there seem to just be some people out there who manage to escape the cage where I keep my temper and the like. Some people I simply cannot stand to be around...

A lot of punks.
I'm not meaning in any way to be stereotypical here. I really don't get along too well with most of the punks that I meet. Some I get along great with. For some odd reason, I have come to find that a lot of punks hate goths, "goths", and wannabe goths. Some punks seem to hate just about everyone but punks for that matter. I don't know why this is. Because they hate the stereotype. If they hate the person, who happens to be goth or some other group that they *happen* to hate, because of their personality or the person did something to them, then fine. Hate away. But to hate just because of someone's stereotype? When you probably don't even know them at all.

I am not being hypocritical here, mind you. I never said that I hated all punks. Just the ones who I have met and found that they are not the easiest or nicest people in the world to be around. I am in no way, shape or form trying to imply that all punks are bad people, because they aren't. A lot of them are fine human beings. And some of them are dickheads. From my own experience I have found that most female punks are ok, with the occasional exception. It's the males that aren't necessarily ok. They're violent as hell and have a problem with just about everything. I'll put THAT beef in another rant somewhere else.

Back to what I was saying before I put the little impromptu disclaimer there... It seems a little stupid to me to hate someone just because of the stereotype that they probably don't even fit into every aspect of. {Contrary to popular belief, I don't hate everyone. That's a belief for those stereotyping fuckheads who don't know me and like to assume things.} On a final note: ...I forgot what the "final note" was going to be.

"I hate you, but you should like me. If you don't, I'm going to hate you even more for not liking me."
I have actually met people with this mentality. It doesn't exactly make all the sense in the world, does it? This is actually the prime of hypocrisy here. I can honestly say that I can't stand to be around people with this mentality, because a lot of the ones I have met also have a holier-than-thou demeanor. It's really annoying.

"You listen to _____!?! I'm going to hold a 20 year grudge against you for that!"
People who hate other people because of what music they listen to is just utterly pathetic and immature. Whats more, is there a POINT to this? It really doesn't matter to what you listen to. Music is music. There's tons of it out there. I figure that hating someone because of what they listen to is just a cheap way of saying "look at me, I'm better because their music sucks" or something to that effect. That made no sense anyway.

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