I'll always cherish your initial misconceptions

Some things really piss me off. Misconceptions and assumpions are one of them. Most commonly assumed about me:

1. I hate everyone.
Wrong. I don't know why most people seem to think this. I don't like being around people. But do I hate everyone? No. Let me stress that.

2. I want to kill everyone
Why would I waste my time doing that? I'd love to know why people assume THIS one.

3. I'm quiet and never say anything
I'm not a quiet person. I'm really not. There are just some (well, ok, A LOT) of people in this world who I simply have nothing to say to, and never will have anything to say to. That's just what it is. Thus, people think I'm silent just because I have nothing to say to them.

4. I'm a total, primo bitch.
I used to think that this was true until a large number of people told me it was not. I do however find it funny that the majority of people who think I am a primo bitch, I have said about two words to, if that. Isn't that interesting.

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