"Remember: you’re a wreck, an accident. Forget the freak, you're just nature. Keep the gun oiled, and the temple cleaned shit snort, and blaspheme, let the heads cool, and the engine run. Because in the end, everything we do, is just everything we’ve done."
-Stone Sour, Omega.

About six months ago, a close friend of mine back home commit suicide. My friend was barely seventeen years old when she swallowed over two hundred sleeping pills and spent her last night on this planet as a living being. In light of this, I started to think very hard. Seventeen is considered very young to die. Some would even say that you've not even started to live at seventeen. Before her suicide, I would have not agreed with this but now I do. We only live once, and more importantly, we are only young once. I have recently begun to notice how people rush to grow up, only to regret it when it's too late and they really are old and cannot have their youth back. I am in no way advocating immature, three year old behavior here. I am only urging everyone to act their age while they still can. What's the rush to grow up? Why act like a fifty year old when you're only eighteen? If you do this, then congratulations, you are already dead. You are far from being "mature" if you completely waste your adolecense being sheltered and overly cautious. After a certain point you become nothing but a waste. Live a little. Learn from your mistakes. Don't shelter yourself. Live it up while you still can. Our lives are short, and our adolesences are even shorter. Don't let it pass you by.

Go back to where you came from, boy!