For the love of.... God?

You know what really gets to me? People who have incredibly bad shit happen to them and then smile about it, saying it was just "God's will." Damnit! You're mangled as fuck and you're still going off saying "God is great, I love God!" What is wrong with these kinds of people??? That's what I want to know. If you're mangled, you sure as hell aren't going to be very much of a happy camper. You're mangled for crying out loud! And if you want to blame it on your "God" by saying, "It's God's will," then you're going to go on loving this "God" that's mangled the fuck out of you? I don't get it, apparently. I don't understand how you could "love" someone/something who does things to mangle you! You're not going to love some guy who shoots you in the legs enough times that they are hanging by tendons thus forcing the doctors to amputate them, are you? Are you going to go marry the guy who did that to you because you "love" him??? If so, you have many issues and I would suggest seeking mental attention immediately. If not, then I must ask, WHY IS IT ANY DIFFERENT FROM "GOD" MANGLING THE FUCK OUT OF YOU???

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