Fun-Filled Fun Facts!

Coca-Cola used to have cocaine in it.

You cannot MAKE a cat do anything.

I'm sorry, but Santa Clause does not exist. Ever wonder why if you put celery on the plate it's still there in the morning? For me it's because my dad doesn't like celery. But he likes cookies. Coincidence? I think not.....

7 Up used to have Lithium in it.

If you get a limb chopped off, supposedly you can still feel it.

Methadone, the stuff used to ween heroin addicts off heroin, is more addictive than heroin itself. Now what do they ween methadone addicts off of methadone with? Heroin?

The dangly thing in the back of your mouth is called an "uvula."

Some people pierce their uvulas. Why? Is it not cool enough like it is?

The fastest amputation ever took thirteen seconds.

The moon is, in fact, not made of cheese of any kind.

If you shave your arms, it doesn't hurt as bad when you wear rubber bracelets.

Lava lamps aren't that hot. Really.

Platypii eat mud, and some are venomous. No joke.