Yes, I'd like some goddamned FRENCH fries with that...

Somehow I fail to remember how or when the americans got so mad at the French that they stopped calling "french fries" french fries. I'm sure that it has something to do with this idiotic war, but whatever. I don't have all that many pet peeves when it comes to work useage, but this particular one really gets to me. For most or all of many of our lives, we have known these grease-ridden sticks of potato as "french fries." Just because americans now hate the French, we're supposed to start calling them "freedom fries?" Years of trying to remember what they are called when we see them, pissed away? I think not. It almost seems like calling these things "freedom fries" is just too pretentious for it's own good. Are we going to start calling french bread "freedom bread", or french manicures "freedom manicures?" I sure as hell hope not. Calling any of these things "freedom" instead of "french" seems to imply that they are now all coated in something red white and blue. Want some fries? Red, white, or blue? Want a "freedom" manicure? Your nails are going to be a grotesque mixture of red, white and blue from now on. Do I even need bring up the fact that many things, especially french fries, were not even made in France? French fries themself were creative in belgium. Why we even call 'em french fries in the first place really is beyond me... Maybe the Belgiums gave the French the honor of having these greasy potato sticks named after them because the French did something nice for the Belgiums. Who knows. Just because the United States is mad at the French gives them no reason to take away the honor of having french fries named after them. I swear, if I hear one more person refer to french fries as "freedom fries," I'm going to have to do A LOT more than just roll my eyes.

rAnTs rants Rants RaNtS RANTS
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