....Give me liberty or give me death....

How do I explain this bit.... Well, it was an assignment for English class that I quite liked to I'm putting it here, just as some other weird thing to be looked at. It's a redo of the declaration of independence in case you've not yet gathered that...

It is in the very course of human nature that, at one point or another, it becomes necessary to break the strings which bind you to a certain group of people. Breaking the strings will release you from their evil powers, but only if you have a good enough reason for wanting to do so.

The truth here is obvious: we all are created equal, equal in the sense of we all will be free eventually. All human beings residing in america have the right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. At times someone or something may stand in your way of such rights. What stands in the way has a tendancy to posess powers which they are hellbent on using against you... Evil powers, that is. When evil powers are inflicted upon a person, that person will be far more prone to suffering than a person free of evil powers. There is a long line of abuses and complete losses of power coming from the same objects every single time. To overthrow these "objects" from their throne will provide a new light for the future of the person's insanity factor. The history of these evils, otherwise known as parents, is none other than a history of mental injuries. These "parents" are often the ones responsible for any cruel and unusual laws imposed upon teenagers. Their younger siblings are the ones who cause the headaches in older siblings.

The parents, they have refused to come to terms with inflation and raise allowances.

They will not revoke that hideous one a.m. curfew.

They have many a time refused the request of having unnecessary holes punched in places other than ears.

They have ignored the many pleas for liberation of the chaotic household and the people in it.

They have forcefully decided and acted upon relative visitations against your will.

They question anything and everything in the most annoying of manners.

Constantly they nag about getting a job in the conquest of money.

You are ignored when home, asked why you are never home when you come home.

Trust you, they do not, when it comes to accepting the consequences of staying up until five in the morning.

Hate each other they will, divorce each other they will not. They're staying together for the kids... The very kids who want a divorce.

We are uprooted and moved when we least expect it because of the father figure's obsession with money.

But let you live in peace, they will never.

In every stage of one's chaotic life, one may petition, demand, or even beg for liberation of those dreaded family member units. The male parental unit will laugh and demand that the complaining stops. The female parental until will apologize for the mental damage, and then lay on a nice guilt trip. The younger sister unit will resume her typical pole-up-the-ass demeanor.

They will do the exact same thing until you reach eighteen years of age, until they proceed to kick you out for being a mooch. However, they will demand that you stay in such a proximity to them that they can bother you whenever they feel like it.

Divorce your family, it is legal to do, but god forbid, before you are eighteen? Nope, sorry, court won't allow that! But they are driving you mad! Nope, sorry, can't leave until you are eighteen or until they kick you out. But they are breathing down the back of your neck half the time! Nope, sorry, not going to take our eyes or leashes off you until you're eighteen.

I'm sick of it, I can take no more of it, and I do not wish to wait until I am eighteen before I can leave it! GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME THE PSYCH WARD AT THE NEAREST HOSPITAL!!

Home, home on the random range...