Columbine High School Shooting.... And more.

Three words, Columbine High School. Why, you ask, did this particular incident piss me off? This pissed me off because the two shooters were deemed "goths". Now I am deemed goth, and because of those two fucks (Who, by the way, weren't even "goths" as I later learn) I now, even to this DAY, get shit about being the way I am. I'm not going to lie and say that people haven't always been prejudiced about me and people like me, but after Columbine everything got worse. It also pisses me off quite a bit that Marilyn Manson was and still is somewhat blamed for the incident. You know what? THOSE GUYS DID NOT EVEN LISTEN TO MANSON. You need a scapegoat for them doing what they did? How about blame their parents and their obviously shitty parenting? How about blame Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, because after all, they were the ones who went into their school one day and shot thirteen people, then shot themselves... Marilyn Manson did not walk into Columbine one day and start shooting people! It was two tourtured high schoolers, supposedly gay, seeking revenge. Want to blame someone, blame them. Blame their parents. But don't fucking blame a musician that they did not even listen to.
Another thing that made me mad... The very first shooting in line, the one in Springfield, Oregon. I do not even remember when this shooting occured, but at the time I lived about twenty minutes from the place in which it happened, though I did not go to the school or even a school being in the district. After this shooting, which was done by Kip Kinkel, my school imposed some very very very strict rules on dress code, behavioral, etc. If you were to mumble the words "Kip", "Kinkel", and "Shoot" in the same sentence for a while after the shooting, to the principals office it was to you. Why? They thought you were going to do the exact same thing he did! The group I hung out with, the "freaks", were watched like hawks for the rest of our time at that school. People were even afraid of us, as they still tend to be, because they do not know what we will do next. But you know what? No one EVER knows what ANYONE is going to do next! So why pick on the odd looking kids? Sure, we are rumored to do drugs and be fucked up in general, and fucked up people are unpredictable, but it is comletely unfair that just because we wear all black and dye our hair that we are fucked up. I know/knew as many, if not more, "normal" people that are more fucked up than a lot of the weird people I know. It isn't what you wear that makes you unpredictable, it's what is going on in your mind. People evidently just can't fucking accept that.

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