Murderer!!! ARRRRGHHH!!!

I realize that pro-lifers are entitled to their own opinions as much as I am entitled to my pro-choice stance on the Abortion War. I just have a few bones to pick.

Problem one... Women are the one who have the burden of bearing children. Not men. Sure, they lent their sperm to the process of making a fetus, but that does not give them full jurisdiction over what becomes of a fetus. Women have to give an egg, and then spend nine months with something growing in her stomach. After that nine months, the growth must come out somehow, usually out of a hole that should not EVER be big enough to push a human through, or cut out of the woman's stomach. This cannot possibly be a fun time. Before I go way, way off on this, I will just cut to the chase. A disturbing amount of pro-lifers out there are men. Men don't have to push a growth out of a tiny hole after carrying it around for nine months. If they did, I can almost guarantee that the population of the world would drastically decrease. Since men have both the comfort of never having to actually give birth to a kid and can always be a deadbeat dad later on, who is he to worry about whether or not the kid is born? He can always just take off if he doesn't like the idea of being a father. A woman, on the other hand, can't just do that shit. She's either got to have an abortion and never have the thing born, or she's got to have the kid and raise it. This is why I find it rather insane that men think their pro-life stance can overpower a woman's pro-choice stance. She's the one who's going to have to suffer the consequences of having a kid and having hips twice the size she did before a kid came along.

Yes, on the pro-lifers side of the arguement, they say that an abortion is murder. Number one, I'd beg to differ. Number two, I'd really like to bring upon a hideous hipocrasy which I am sure many of you have noticed. That would be the bombing of abortion clinics. This is almost always done by a fanatical pro-lifer. I'd like them to answer me this: How is it ok to BOMB an abortion clinic, killing, oh, HUMANS... and then turn right around and saying that aborting an UNDEAD, UNDEVELOPED fetus is murder? Do they actually think that their actions are justified? Let's see here for a minute... Would you rather have never been born, or killed when a bomb went off in a building? Put that in your pipes and smoke it, fanatics!

A lot of other pro-lifers like to say that if you do not wish to have a kid, use protection. Well, a lot of the time, people do use protection, and shit STILL happens. Abortions are not there for people who get pregant every single time they have unprotected sex and simply say "oops". Abortions are for when shit really, truly, did happen. The condom breaks. The pill didn't do it's job. Whatever the cause, shit happened. It was not planned for, and getting pregant was UNWANTED. Remember that word. Unwanted. Ever felt what it's like to be unwanted? Maybe for your whole life? Many kids that are "accidents" end up feeling this. Some forever. Some just until they are old enough to be out of their parents hair. They aren't ever loved, because hey, they were unwanted. Can anyone really tell me it's better to be born to parents who will never love you than be aborted and never lived at all? Something in my brain tells me that never being born is sure as hell a nicer option. Being totally unwanted and unloved by your parents is far from a nice feeling. The point could be brought up that if you are one of those people who never wants kids due to the fact that you know you'd make a horrid parent, you should just get sterelized. This being tied tubes, vasectomy, whatever. I am eighteen and know that I never want a kid, partly due to the fact that I don't want my fucken hips getting any bigger than they are. If I ever end up with kid, it'll be an adopted little Asian kid, because those are cute as all hell. Back to what I was getting at, I know that I never want something that grew inside me. Because of this, I did seriously look into getting my tubes tied. When I mentioned this to the doctor, she looked at me like I'd just sprouted a third eye right on my forehead. Because I am so young, there is virtually no way in hell I could find a doctor willing to do a tube-tye. Isn't that a bitch. The point here is that some of us simply don't have the option of getting permanently sterelized, and abstinence simply is not an option because let's face it, abstinence royally SUCKS. Remaining childless will be rather easy simply by means of this wonderful thing known as birth control. But, as I expressed earlier, shit happens. This is why abortions exist. For when shit happens.

Has anyone noticed that the world is getting a little crowded? There are dimwits such as certain neighbors of mine who have pumped out six kids, and seem to always be pregnant with another one. China had the right idea limiting families to one kid. I don't necessarily agree with the one kid part as siblings are definitely an incredibly nice thing to have, but bottom line, six kids is definitely too many fucken kids. Soon there isn't going to be room for all these people and we're going to have to start relocating to Mars or something. Not that Mars would be a bad place. It'd just get ruined. I don't know where the hell I was going with this point.

I only have this to say in conclusion as I have long since lost my train of thought: Pro-lifers, just consider the other options. Consider what your own people do to be fanatical about the whole thing. And consider how much better it is for some people that abortions exist. Certain people's lives will not be ruined due to an unwanted kid, and there would be virtually no unwanted kids, hence, no completely neglected, unloved kids. Just consider that next time you think about going and bombing an abortion clinic or some shit.

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