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People are liars. If anyone says they love you, they're lying. People need no reason whatsover to ruin you. It's always the one you love and trust the most that will be the most cruel. People will lie to you, cheat you, tell you they love you and then leave you alone in a cold world to cry yourself to sleep at night. People are wicked and cruel and hateful. They only breed hate.

Course, I believe there is always a few who will not. Very few, and life is meant to find them...and love them

So so so, This web site is just so damned interesting, isn't it? Makes you want to go throw yourself on shattered glass. I was thinking about making a list of traitors, but I didn't know if Angelfire could allow that much text in a Web Page.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

So here I am again. I figured it was definately time to edit and trim this, since I haven't been here in almost six months. Either way, everything is the same as far as my outlook goes. Oh well, such goes the endless cycle in what Anne Rice calls the "Savage Garden".

I've realized I don't really have any "shout-outs" on this. So I'm going to make a very brief summary on the people who would survive if I became a world dictator:

2) Tisha

4) Nick D, because you don't share in the usual idiocy of the rest of the world.

5) Chelsea, because you would not be afraid of me...

6) Seth B, because you are both strong and vengeful; a powreful combination.


Kewi, Cause I said so

Jen H, cause i'm your brother (kinda) Lol

Danielle, cause you got me a kinda job, and you're cool no matter how boring you are online

Les, cause you're just awesome. You'll always have friends with myself and the Marissa Girls

Well, unless I remember you, it looks like ya'll else die...too bad.

I'm pathetic. Yay.

Either way, now I'm going to add a lovely link to a quiz I created. That and I do have one last thing to say...Amanda, it'll all be okay :-D

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In my dreams I see my confusion and my future, that's why I wake up screaming...

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