To ja jestem Ewa

I am Eve

Nice you visited my page. My name is Ewa (Ewka, Eve) and I'm a girl living in Poland. Since I do not plan to update my age every year, please calculate it yourself (I'm born in 1975).

Do you like those nicely structured homepages in the internet with an index, showing you how to go and what to see ? Then I'm very sorry for you, because this pages are not structured... you can click on some words and see where it leads you... just follow the web of my thoughts, but beware, some thoughts you might not like.

First I want to thank my good friend Caligula for allowing me to use some of his photographical artwork. The pics marked on this site with (c) Lord Caligula (some year) are copyrighted by HIM and it's not allowed to use them without his permission. If you want this permission, please email him and NOT me. The pic below, is my favorite....
BTW, the woman on Caligula's pictures is some friend of him, but it's NOT me. (just for the records)

(C) Lord Caligula 1998

Just as life is a process, these pages will be... I'll change pages, enter new pages... so it might be interesting to visit me more then once.

In the process of 'creating' this site I feel the need to add some text here, to tell a bit more about this or that theme I already started and most of all I would like to have some feedback, so if you would enter a message in the forum, write in the guestbook (buttons below), please do so. If you want to be notified about changes in my pages, you van sign up for my mailing list. I promise you, you won't get spammed with all kind of other 'offers', just about my updates on the pages.

But a bit more about me... At the moment I write this I'm about to start my last year of study as a biochemical analist (after the vacations). I do not know yet what I want to do when I finish my studies but time will tell.

When the weather is good in summer you might find me in the 'Old City' of Warsaw trying to sell a bit of my self made paintings. You also might find me somewhere where they have good beer or very good ice-cream. :)

I do not have direct access to the Internet, I'm accessing the net by means of school or Internet Cafe's, so it can take some time before I answer any mail from you (if I do at all). I love the Internet and I do have quite some nice friends, especially in the Netherlands and Germany.

I'm no 'standard' polish girl, I'm jewish (ethnical, NOT religious), I'm gothic and I'm bisexual...

In there pages I want to tell you more about me... have you fastened your seatbelts and are you ready to enter the abyss of my mind ???

But if you like, leave me a note in my guestbook or send me an email ...


It's still experimental, but I also would like to try to host a forum with topics of interest...