~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

( Q ) How long has "Evil Skull City" been around on the net ?
( A ) "Evil Skull City" has been around for over 4 years now.

( Q ) What Is "Evil Skull City" All About ?
( A ) "Evil Skull City" has animated & non-animated skulls, skeletons, devils, demons & more. I try to update my site every 2-days, just to keep it fresh. I Started "Evil Skull City" As A Halloweeen Web Site, But Now Its A Year Round Evil Web Site.

( Q ) What made you desided to design "Evil Skull City" ?
( A ) I designed "Evil Skull City" cuz I was always tired of trying to find evil animated skulls & skeletons & I could never find what I wanted, so I made this site for other people to find the same stuff I'm looking for.

( Q ) How old are you ~SKULL MAN~
( A ) I'm pretty old, I'm 29 years old now.

( Q ) What city do you live in ?
( A ) I live about 45/mins. west from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Earth. =LOL=

( Q ) Is this a full or part-time job of yours ?
( A ) It's just a part-time job for me to make extra money on the side, & to show off my web designs & things like that.

( Q ) Are You A Vampier ~SKULL MAN~ ?
( A ) NO !!! I'm not a Vampier, I'm not A blood sucker.

( Q ) What type of blood do you have ~SKULL MAN~ ?
( A ) Well, I just found out on OCT. 26th 2001 that my type of blood is type "O" blood.

( Q ) Do you worship the devil ?
( A ) No I don't worship the devil, you dumb ass !!!

( Q ) Have you sold your soul to the devil ?
( A ) HELL NO !!! I would never do that, & I don't think anyone should sale there soul to anyone.

( Q ) What is your most & Lessed liked thing about your web site ?
( A ) I like most of the stuff I have here on my site. I never did like the chatroom I added on here, cuz no one ever gose on there.

( Q ) Who made that really evil "FLASH" video ?
( A ) The "WHITE REAPER" made that evil "FLASH" video. You can go to his web site by just clicking here

( Q ) Do you make money on your web site ?
( A ) Yes, I make money on my web site, About $50.00/Bucks in Canadian funds per month.

( Q ) How do you make your money on your web site ?
( A ) I try to get sponsers & sell Horror movies, Posters, T-shirts, Cd's & more.

( Q ) Do you have any "GIRL FRIENDS" ?
( A ) Well first of all, it is none of your BIZZ, I have One girl friend right now and I have 3 cyber girl friends that I talk to on "YAHOO & MSN CHAT".

( Q ) Do you smoke ~SKULL MAN~ ?
( A ) Sorry, No, I don't smoke.

( Q ) Do you drink "BEER" & "WINE" ?
( A ) Maybe 2 times a week or so.

( Q ) Do you take Or sale drugs ?
( A ) Fuck Off with the dumb questions !!!

( Q ) How much do you wight & how tall are you ~SKULL MAN~ ?
( A ) I'm 6/Feet 4/inchs Tall & 235/lbs.

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