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My heart is filled with desperation,
It only adds to my frustration.

When I dream it is of you,
But my dreams are rare and few.

For you I am afraid,
We're living our own masquerade.

I'll never find what I should do,
My heart is still pining for you.

I can see my corpse lying on the floor,
I'll do anything, It's you that I adore.

I'm pleading,
I'm bleeding,
I'm needing,
On your heart I'm feeding.

It's you I wish to hold,
But you leave me in the cold.

For you my emotions fought,
I'm now lost in deep thought.

Maybe I should give it time,
My heart feels like an empty chime.

I can never get out what I feel,
Was the meaning we had ever real?

All I know is to keep trying,
Besides that I still feel like dying.

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