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Gothic erotica…dark fantasies.. nocturnal pleasures.. 

Explore your darkest, most secret and intimate sexual fantasies in this interactive PBEM roleplaying game. 


Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters…characters of all caliber are welcomed. Original characters are encouraged. But also those from the works of Anne Rice, Tanith Lee, and other authors welcomed. If you enjoy Vampires of the Masquerade, but are unsure of the system rules, have no worry. We are a free form rpg, meaning that you can play a clan member, but the system rules are not used. Gothic characters from any of the classics are acceptable as well. In this game, we enjoy exploring our boundries, without the hinderance of set forms of play or excessive rules. There are a few secret organizations involved in this roleplay, amoung them the Illuminati. Others, wanting to create counter intelligence to this and other organizations are encouraged to do so. Since this is an erotic list, there will be posting of a sexual nature occurring. This is welcomed, as well as a healthy plotline. BDSM, light bondage and fetish play are all acceptable here. However, age play and bestiality are not allowed. Both het and slash are allowed in this game. Be forewarned, some posts maybe of a graphic nature, if any of the above offends you, take that into consideration before joining.

*This is an ADULT list. No one under the age of 18 permitted. *Also, this is a PBEM roleplaying game.. NOT a lifestyle list, trollers will be banned.


All  original storylines and characters are property of thier individual creators. Unauthorised use of these as well as game forms ,without consent is forbiddon. The use of book characters and other game system characters does not fall under this same writ. This is for the protection of those of us who do enjoy the freedom to create that which is truly our own... Without fear.. Give credit where credit is Due!

Copyright 2002 Markus Sebastian

Copyright 2003 Markus Sebastian



Vampires of Fiction
Vampires of Fiction
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