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We have actually started to write our own songs! Matt Walker and I have a reall cool song, plus a few of our own and Matt Hindman seems to be a writing machine! The tribute album was canceled but we will record the songs for it for your listening pleasure anyway.


HA HA HA. I James Murodch have taken over the Webpage. U will now see more updates than ever before. Welcome to a new demension. The Murdoch Zone.


  It's My birthday! I am 16! got a new car, 76blazer with thirtyfour inch tires! Plus we have two new covers songs to put on the web, whenever I get around to it, hehe Well keep tuning in, I will have songs up soon!  
  Recently Matt W. And Matt H. wrote a song. it is untitled for now.By the way Nena Ballas did not actually die it was just a rumor.  
  Hey happy New Year!2000 and everything is fine. Actualy New Years was 16 days ago, I just forgot to post it.  
  John is our new drummer, after Nena Ballas fell off a cliff and died on impact.  
  I matthew hIndman haVe made a new sOng. It is called "Recollition" it sounds like a punk type soNg very cool.