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New Interview Section added
The only thing in it is an interview of me recently done by Jennifer Seay...-matt w
Update on EP
Our EP will be out within the next two weeks...all the remains is a slight amount of mixing.....ive also added several new songs to the lyrics page...-matt w
Tracklisting for Symposium du Jour
1) Charcoal/Veins
2)Seared Thru
3)The Kid
5)In the Garden of Weeping Autumn
6) Limit Does Not Exist
7) The Elemental Theory of Dissipation
That vinyl thing
so um, dont laugh too hard but the much awaited 7inch vinyl record has been scrapped for a variety of reasons and instead will be replaced by an 8 song EP on compact disc....the cd will be entitled Symposium de Jour...-matt w
Two more demos
here's a couple of new songs i recorded on my own this week...they probably won't be up for too long...names are A Day in the Galleries and Cartesian Existence....-matt w
New song to download
i put up a stupid song of me messing around on the bass for danny...its called sbaceman...turn up your subwoofers and enjoy....-matt w
Another Studio Mp3
we put the studio version of The Kid up...-matt w
Studio Mp3
we put up one of the mp3s from our studio sessions...its one of the songs that will appear on the vinyl...titled charcoal/veins...-matt w
Vinyl Record
the emaciatedrabbits spent about 12 hours in the recording studio last saturday laying down 5 tracks, one or two of which will appear on the upcoming 7 inch release; the songs have yet to be mixed, look for mp3s in the next month....matt w
Upcoming Gig
we are playing two or three songs at a smashing pumpkins tribute concert on sunday, october 28 at borders books and music on arapaho and coit from 2-4 pm...-matt w
New Song Added
only the lyrics are up right now, but i should probably have an mp3 of it up soon, it is called Charcoal/Veins...-matt w
Message Board Change
ok that arborwood board was terrible, plus i had to choose the username of anyone that wanted to post there...ezboard is now up...and should work much better...all you have to do is register for a free account, and after that you probably wont ever even have to worry about logging in we'll see how it works...-matt w
New Message Board
ok we finally have a real message board, hope this is what everyone was wanting...if there are any posts from the guestbook that you want on the new one, email me and i will transfer them over... -matt w
We Have Moved Finally
we are gonna be at angelfire for some time i believe...sorry about the stupid banners... THERE ARE NOW SIX MP3s UP so everyone go download em...thanks to stephen for the move (and everything else) and greg for the image that lead you here... -matt w
We're Moving. The site is about to move to angelfire so be ready....the lyrics page has been updated, and more songs are coming as soon as the move has been made.
New site Layout. Stephen is working hard to make this site worth coming to. Look for many changes soon.