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In the Garden of Weeping Autumn

hey you! you left me.
and that you encompasses All.
with the world on your face
or just maybe a tear
the time is shredded with a bitter sweet saw.
the door creaks still, on its salty hinges
for unsure, unmeasured infinity.

the frozen tradesman strikes
you a deal in stone
just me for everyone, everyone and the stars.

so we steal down the path
with finite on our lips
and we keep Never always tucked between our hands
towers crumble to ashes and slip straight thru
the cracked/uneven s i d e w a l k

and the thoughts that should have been
turn away and implode
we owe you--
miscalculated silence........

and so an epic begins and ends
in an easing death of disillusioned conflict.
and it allows us to crash for as long as we want,
until its return--
most unwanted..........