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New Links:

Fan Fiction Stories Based on Viggo Mortensen

Oz-Expression - QaF

General: (any fic you can imagine is here)
Adult Fanfiction. Net
Everything Fanfic
The Library
Fanfic by Cori Lannam
Slash it up! (links)
All Slash Links(links)
Secret Panel Fan Fic
7 Parabian - The Stacks 
Nine Muses - Mostly Slash - host to the best pages
Erika's Fanfiction - all genre
Carrie's Fanfiction Page - Buffy & Angel
Chimera Bloom - Many Genre Slash
Francine's Fanfic Links - all genres 
Vodka Tears - Highlander, Buffy, Angel, Smallville
Trivial Pursuits - Many genres
NineMuses - slash in many genres
UnConventional RelationShippers Fan Fiction Archive

Buffy Stories
BtVS Writer's Guild
Life Lessons in the Buffyverse
The Dungeon
Come on in!
Saber ShadowKitten  -THE BEST!-
Mythe's Lair
Laure: Main Page
Fanfic Main Page
Blasphemous Rumours
Buffy (links)
Black Star - Buffy Memorbelia
The Slash DataBase Project - Buffy Links
^__One by One...__^ - Links Only
 The Darkness Within - Buffy Fandom
Buffy/Highlander Xover Slash Index - Buffy&Angel Fic
The Slayer's Fanficion Archive
Garden of the Jai 
Full of Grace - Buffy&Angel Sites
Laura's Fanfiction Links - Buffy

- i n e r t i a -
Bite Me... Please *very good*
Willow/Spike Fiction
Fanfiction by Amy
A Total Eclipse of the Heart ~ A Willow & Spike Site
Spells Make You Do the Wacky
When Stars Collide (mainpage)
Spike and Willow Pictures
The New Place  
i m m e r s e d - Willow/Spike 

Dalton's Buffy Page (links)
Bloggin' Buffy
A Slayers World


WebRing Navigation - Vampires and Villans
Buffy and Angel Fanfic
When Stars Collide (mainpage)
Eternal Nightcap
Days of Our Unlives
The New Place 
My Imortal Beloved - Angel/Spike
Our Armageddon - Spike/Angel(us)

Willow/Spike Awards
Spike's Trunk
Ducks' Fanfic
A d d i c t i v e S t i g m a t a
Morgot's Femfic
Eyeballs to Entrails ...
A Total Eclipse of the Heart ~ A Willow & Spike Site
Eternal Nightcap
Days of Our Unlives
Spike Pics 
Spike and Willow Pictures
Two Parts of the Same
Scarlet Kisses
Love Ends in Tragedy -
Heat. Desire
My Imortal Beloved - Angel/Spike
((( temptation waits ))) - Spike Fic
educated guesses - pet's fanfiction
Our Armageddon - Spike/Angel(us) 
The Taste of Fine Red Wine - Spike/Xander
i m m e r s e d - Willow/Spike

Maxine's Magic
Parda's Highlander Fanfiction - Main Page
Tasha's Highlander Page
Trivial Highlander DS9 Fanfiction 
Methos Fanfiction
Not The Usual Highlander Slash Archive
Satyricon - Slash
Methos Addicts Web Ring Hub
Sylvia's Highlander Slash Recs
Buffy/Highlander Xover Slash Index
7 Parabian
Scrolls Scribblers Working Overtime: An All-Methos Fanfiction Page
Seacouver - Highlander Slash
The Works of Henry Wyckoff - Highlander and other
Maygra's Musings - Mostly Highlander
Not the Usual Highlander Slash Archive
Methos Fan Fiction
Sylvia's Highlander Slash Recs
Highlander Stories


Tolkien - Lord of the Rings:
Reforging Ties - Aragorn/Legalos LotR - FotR fanfic
Even Twilight  
The Tolkien Society
The Burping Troll 
The Library of Moria

The Elfwood Project
User Manuals for LotR try either here or here


L. J. Smith:
The Coven
The Secret Circle
The Night World: The Place For L.J.Smith Fans
Twilight Tales - The LARGEST L.J. Smith Fan Fiction Archive.



Pirates of the Caribbean:
Crimson Ways (the one w/ the vampires) and a few others
Really Bad Eggs archive and art 

Wolverine and Rouge Archive
X-Men Fanfiction Links


*Michael and Maria FANFICTION Archives*
The Janeway/Chakotay Story Index
Immortal Nights - a novel about vampires and immortals  -THE BEST!-
The Marrow of Life - Dead Poets Socity Fanfic 
Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction
d y m p h n a . n e t
Boy meets Boy (online comic)
The Cycle of Axer Carrick - Novel based on X-Files, but other fandoms incorperated.
Level Three Records Room - Smallville
The Magnificent Seven Fanfic Archive
The Smallville Slash Archive
Whipper's Fanfiction Archive - Buffy/seaQuest/Roswell/Smallville - 100+ Eminem fan fictions
Boondock Saints Fic Community