Name: Chuck

Age: 16

M/F: other

Hobbies: i enjoy whackin it once a day, and smoking marijuana!

Relationship Status: not taken


  • I wish I was dead. -DXC-Juggalo

    Classes: Engineer/Pyro

    Wants to say:

    okay, lots of people say hey juggalo whats a juggalo..then little queers say HEY JIGGALO!! well a juggalo just doesnt care about anything. he smokes pot infront of his mom and dad. he skips school everyday, and hes a fan of insane clown posse! (www.insaneclownposse.com) im a fucking juggalo. not a fucking jiggalo..damn whores oh yah..dxc is the best clan ive ever been in. everyone is a juggalo in dxc to me =) seeyah

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