oGreetings, mortal surfer!


So, you`ve dared to enter. We give you credit for your courage and you WILL need it. First of all, allow us to introduce ourselves. We`re the infamous pair of jokers originally from the HIM club, but our diabolikal Klaus would have banished us from his realm sooner or later. So we have found sanctuary in our infernal li`l dungeon here. This is a page dedicated to a Finnish goth 'n' roll band called HIM. Some of you little teenies in front of the screen might get offended by some contents of this place, but as the song goes...


Read and don`t be afraid!

Choose a dungeon chamber of your own desire:


Museum - find out more about the infamous sexgods

Gardens - sit in our backyard and listen to some fine poetry by HIM

Gallery - hall of shame

Torture chamber - nasty jokes,interviews,columns and stuff

Workshop - this is a place where YOU can participate,so take a peek and give Ville some virtual spanking yourself

Sanctuary - read the unholy teachings of the Us Valoists

Our Diabolikal Forum


about us


And before you leave,be so kind to engrave a word or two into the dungeon wall!


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