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I do not know where you would have known me from, however this is a little information about the man whom you all may know as Storm.

My life began simple enough on November 16th, 1978. I spent the first two years of my life in Ft. Stewart, Georgia. My father was stationed there and he took my mother and myself along with him. I spent only two years in Ga before my mother and father split.(the stories are too conflicting about that one for me to get involved with telling) I spent another two years with my mother, until one day, out of anger she "spanked" me. It was harder than she had intended, I hope, and my custody was given to my father.

My father lived with my grandmother and grandfather for quite sometime and then things began to change. Not long after my grandfathers death, my father re-married. I will not go into the attrocities that happened from that one as it would take too long and this page is probably already boring you, to tears.

I lived with my father until I was around 17 years old(on my seventeenth birthday he threw me in juvenile, and after pleading guilty I was placed in states custody) I then went to a long term psychiatric treatment facility, where I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. I graduated that program on my 18th birthday, and moved back in with my mother.

More failures came from that one as I dropped out of highschool for the final time and quickly got kicked out of my mothers home, for argueing. I went to live once more with my grandmother..

I am married now, My anniversary is November 16th, I am a poet and currently seek employment. I have a life dream, a purpose if you will that makes me more determined than ever to succeed. That dream is called darkguild.. There is a link to it on this page. I enjoy all types of music and roleplay, and am a hopless flirt.

with that in mind I bid thee adeu' if there is more you wish to know of me, all I ask is that you ask. Until that time I will leave you in peace and happiness.... fare thee well weary traveler.



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